Can You Really Find ONLINE CASINO (on the Web)?

Named the Pro Clay chip due to the high quality of theirs look and makeup, which makes them appear as well as feel as the potato chips utilized in several of the world’s most prominent casinos, this particular set is actually the ideal option for people that would like to take your poker playing to the subsequent fitness level.

Whether playing for huge pots or Joker388 at your weekly poker game this particular poker chip situation can make you think as you’re gambling in one of the world’s finest casinos.

The Chips

The 200 13g Pro Casino Chips With Clear Cover Aluminum Case chips weigh thirteen grams and are actually thirty nine mm in diameter. They’re made form sound clay with a metal insert that permits stamping. Though you will not believe the insert, these chips are equally gentle as those casinos use so when used frequently will use the exact same fashion also.

You will get 200 2 toned chips of these chips and the set are divided hundred yellow, fifty blue, and fifty red, though you are able to buy various colored chips after demand. These chips in the 200 13g Pro Casino Chips with Clear Cover Aluminum Case chips set, not merely appear as well as feel as casino quality chips though they sound like them also.

The Case

The situation which is actually provided in the 200 13g Pro Casino Chips With Clear Cover Aluminum Case chips set appearance ultra modern and extremely high tech.

The bottom part of the situation is created of reinforced aircraft aluminum which makes this an incredibly sturdy case as well as light weight. The interior of the situation is actually lined with eco-friendly felt as well as has space not just for the 200 chips but for two decks of cards as well as five dice also.

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