What to do with your partner in Belfort: the 8 best things to do

Belfort, the capital of the Territoire de Belfort located in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, is a city with an important historical heritage and a rich cultural life. Indeed, with its cheerful facades, its wide cultural fabric, its parks and gardens, Belfort is a colorful city. All within a privileged environment, surrounded by nature, conducive to romantic walks. What to do in love in Belfort? Here are the 8 best things to do as a couple to enjoy a pleasant, relaxing, and romantic stay.

What to do with your partner in Belfort: the 8 best things to do

# 1 A walk in the old town

The Old Town – Fourneau district is located to the south-east of Belfort, between the Citadel and the Savieuse river. Forming the heart of the city, this part of Belfort is surrounded by historic ramparts. They form, with the Citadel, the major point of interest of the city. There is also the Place d’Armes, largely pedestrianized with its kiosk. And the places of the Grande Fontaine and the Petite Fontaine, enjoying the status of the historical monument, were among the only sources of drinking water for the people of Belfort at the time. Today, they are teeming with restaurants and shops. Without forgetting the emblem of the city, the famous lion of Belfort known as Bartholdi, was named after its sculptor. Commemorative monument in high relief located at the foot of the cliff of the Citadel commemorates the resistance of the city besieged by the Prussians in 1870.

# 2 What to do with your partner in Belfort? The discovery of heritage

The historical and architectural heritage of Belfort is rich. You can start by visiting the St. Christopher’s Cathedral, built in the first half of the XVIII th century, with its monumental organ and classified, the jewel of Belfort. Then go to the Porte de Brisach, a royal gate dating from 1687, recalling the history of Belfort. The only entry point to the Vauban Pentagon is still visible today.

And in this regard, it is impossible to speak of the city of Belfort, without speaking of the famous bastioned towers of the Vauban fortress. With Tower 27 where today there is an escape game. Tower 41 houses the Museum of Fine Arts. Without forgetting Tower 46 where temporary exhibitions are offered.

# 3 Belfort markets

Its flea market is the largest in eastern France. It is the meeting place for curious and antique dealers who are passionate about history, every 1st  Sunday of the month, from March to December.

The covered market in Belfort, also called the Fréry market, is considered to be the most remarkable covered market in Franche-Comté. Located on the edge of the old town, it now hosts exhibitions, markets, and fairs.

# 4 Museums

The city of Belfort is ideal for museum lovers, it has indeed a rich cultural life. You can first go to the History and Archeology Museum, located in the former military barracks of the citadel of Belfort. It has an incredible panoramic terrace. From there a 360 ° view is offered to you of the blue line of the Vosges to the foothills of the Jura. As well as on the Old Town of Belfort and its Vauban fortifications. At the museum, you can admire the results of archaeological excavations and some treasures. Like one of the rare relief maps by Vauban still preserved in France or the personal effects of Colonel Denfert-Rochereau.

If you prefer painting, you can visit the Museum of Modern Art or the Museum of Fine Arts.

What to do in love in Belfort?

# 5 The theaters of Belfort

A stone’s throw from Place des Arts, the Granit National Theater offers many theatrical performances and musical performances of a wide variety.

In the city center, you will find the Espace Louis Jouvet. This renowned establishment welcomes several troupes throughout the year. And to relive your childhood, go to the Puppet Theater, near the station.

# 6 The gardens

The Lechten square is probably the most beautiful garden of Belfort. He is renowned for his floral arrangements, veritable mosaics of flowers.

The Square de la Roseraie owes its name to the more than 3,000 rose bushes that are planted there. This represents more than 100 varieties of roses. These flowers are divided into four districts: Franche-Comté, towns and monuments, Meilland, artists, and famous men. In the center of the massifs, a white marble statue of Jean Camus, entitled “Tenderness”, reinforces the beauty of the place.

# 7 Brewers

In Belfort, there are brewers who make their own beer. And some of them, like the creators of “La coup d’trique”, run a wine cellar, Au comptoir des Remparts . They even organize training days to teach you how to make your beer.

The Bistrot des Moines is also a renowned address, bar, and restaurant, with an impressive beer menu and a very pleasant tavern atmosphere.

# 8 What to do with your partner in Belfort? Go into nature around the city

Nature-loving couples can walk a few kilometers around the city and go to the Ballon d’Alsace to recharge their batteries. Or take advantage of the nautical and pedestrian activities offered at the lakes of the Forges or Malsaucy pond.

Take the Roselière trail and go around the pond, crossing footbridges, wooded areas, wet meadows, and reeds.

At Malsaucy, you can enjoy the hiking and fishing trails, and even swim there in summer. On the banks of the Malsaucy, is the Departmental House of the Environment. It is a place of exhibitions and free activities.

Finally, the Festival des Eurockéennes de Belfort is one of the largest music festivals in France which owes part of its success to the natural site of Malsaucy. The event is held for 4 days in the open air between two bodies of water: the pond of Véronne and the lake of Malsaucy.

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