What to do in Amsterdam as a couple? Top 15 things to do

Amsterdam, nicknamed the Venice of the North, offers couples in love with many landscapes and activities to share for a weekend or a few days of vacation. The Dutch capital is an atypical destination among European capitals. Note that it is best visited in the spring. When the flower fields and the city parks are full of color and the bike rides more pleasant, in order to fully enjoy them. So what to do in Amsterdam as a couple? Top 15 things to do for two during a romantic getaway.

What to do in Amsterdam as a couple? Top 15 things to do

# 1 Amsterdam by bike

You can’t enjoy Amsterdam without getting on a bike, or be prepared to do almost everything on foot. Indeed, Amsterdam is known to be a city of cyclists, with its canals and gabled houses linked by an extensive network of cycle paths, well maintained and easy to navigate. Couples can even take advantage of it by renting a tandem for cheap.

# 2 Around the canals by pedal boat

Another option is to rent a pedal boat at Amsterdam Central Station. Most of these 17th-century waterways offer views of the historic buildings of the capital of the Netherlands and the gabled houses. An exotic way to discover the Venice of the north, as it is so often called.

# 3 A long walk in Vondelpark

The Vondelpark covers 48 hectares of greenery, with lawns, ponds, playgrounds, and paths. It is the Amsterdam equivalent of Central Park in New York. If you visit Amsterdam in April, you can observe millions of tulips in full bloom in the Keukenhof Gardens.

# 4 What to do in Amsterdam as a couple? The discovery of the flower market

The flower market is famous in Amsterdam, especially with its unmissable tulips. Take a stroll through the floating flower market, the Bloemenmarkt. This market allows you to admire and smell Dutch tulips. But also green plants, exotic flowers, and bulbs. You can find almost everything there in floating stalls.

# 5 The Red Light District

Amsterdam’s red-light district is one of the best known to tourists, not necessarily for the right reasons. Indeed, it attracts many curious, because of its windows lit by a red neon, where prostitutes wait for customers. It is also strictly forbidden to photograph the women who are in the windows. However, if you want to play the erotic card for your couple, go to one of the many sex shops in the neighborhood or to a surreal place, the condom store. In addition, this district is also one of the oldest in the city where you can admire the facades of the 14th century, as well as the oldest church in Amsterdam.

# 6 What to do in Amsterdam as a couple? Aperitif on the boat

At the end of the day, a very widespread habit is to have an aperitif on the water, sliding down the canals. For this, it is possible to rent a boat or even take a cruise in a small riverboat. A small moment of relaxation is guaranteed at the end of the day after pedaling for hours!

# 7 The many museums

Amsterdam has many world-famous museums. This is the case with the Rijksmuseum, the largest museum in the Netherlands, which exhibits many famous works, including “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam offers the world’s largest collection of works by Vincent Van Gogh. But beyond the Museum Quarter, which also houses the Stedelijk Museum, other sites are worth a visit, such as the Anne Frank House.

For a lighter visit, also discover the Heineken Museum, the Tattoo Museum, or the Erotic Museum.

What to do in Amsterdam as a couple? 8 other things to do

# 8 Dutch culinary specialties

s (traditional Dutch pubs), in street marketsbakeries, cafes with vending machines, or restaurants, several Dutch specialties are to be discovered. This is the case with raw herring, which can be found everywhere in herring carts, often served with onions and pickles. The Netherlands also offers a variety of cheeses, such as Kaas (kind of Gouda), Geitenkaas (goat cheese), as well as Maasdam. To accompany regional beers, several Dutch snacks are offered, such as bitterballen (fried meatballs) and cones of thick fries ( patat ) brushed with various sauces. For sweet gourmet breaks, there are waffles ( stroopwafel ) and small, lightly puffed pancakes ( poffertjes ).

# 9 Shopping at Albert Cuyp Market

It is a market that stretches over an entire street, in the heart of the Latin Quarter. You can find almost everything there: fresh produce, Dutch specialties, flowers, souvenirs … It is the largest and most popular market in the Netherlands with more than 200 stalls.

# 10 Nieuwe Spiegelstraat

Do not hesitate to stroll in this street which is one of the chicest in Amsterdam with its many art galleries. The majority of the galleries on this street exhibit contemporary works but also masterpieces of Fauvism and Impressionism.

# 11 Amsterdam Library

The Openbare Bibliotheek is one of the largest public libraries in Europe. While it is obvious that there is little chance that you will understand Dutch, the tour is worth the trip if only to have a coffee at the top and take in the panoramic views.

# 12 What to do in Amsterdam as a couple? Brown coffees

Brown cafes are typical bistros where you can have a coffee, lunch, or beer. The atmosphere is intimate and warm. They are called brown cafes because the walls have been browned by tobacco smoke over the years.

# 13 a coffee shop

Amsterdam wouldn’t be Amsterdam without its famous coffee shops! It is the must-see and must-see place on a trip to Amsterdam, and we don’t say that to entice you into consuming anything. Famous all over the world, you can experience this special atmosphere without having to smoke, just for the pleasure of drinking a coffee.

# 14 vintage shopping

Amsterdam is a city where you can hunt at flea markets, especially in the narrow streets of the neighborhood Jordaan or in the Noordermarkt to discover jewelry, antiques, clothing, and vintage style at affordable prices.

# 15 A’DAM Lookout observation deck

The A’DAM Lookout is an observation platform that will offer you an incomparable panoramic view of Amsterdam. From there you can see the historic city center, its canals, and its port. ideal for seeing everything, breathing the fresh air, and taking romantic souvenir photos.

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