Wedding anniversary gifts: ideas for every year

As a spouse, since you exchanged your marriage vows, each year that passes celebrates an additional year of your union. You have united “for better and for worse” according to the established formula. The years go by and see your love grow, your marriage survives the passage of time. For each of your wedding anniversaries, according to your preferences, you choose to celebrate it with your loved ones or as a couple. And of course, you think about the gift that you are going to be able to give to your other half to make him happy. In this article, you will find a range of wedding anniversary gift ideas for each year, from the first to the tenth, and then for your 12, 15, 20, 30, and 50 years of marriage.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Ideas for Every Year

Each wedding anniversary corresponds to a wedding theme to which a subject is attached. This material in the spotlight (cotton, wax, wood, crystal, gold …) depending on the year is used, if we respect tradition, to find wedding anniversary gifts. We have referenced for you the first ten years of the wedding anniversary, then some important milestones, with gift ideas for each year.

Wedding anniversary gift ideas for your 1-year-old: the cotton wedding

As the name suggests, your first wedding anniversary is symbolized by cotton. A light, soft and pure material with its immaculate whiteness. According to popular beliefs, cotton repels negative waves from a house, by placing a cotton ball in a sugar bowl. But it is above all for its structure that cotton was chosen to symbolize the first year of marriage. Indeed, fragile when they are separated, the cotton threads become resistant when intermingled. Like a couple that grows stronger with each wedding anniversary.

Some gift ideas for your first year of marriage: a white gift, a soft cotton garment, a bouquet with cotton flowers, a ski holiday.

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Wedding anniversary gift ideas for your 2 years old: the leather wedding anniversary

Leather is considered a noble, strong, and durable material. But it is shaped with time, with love, and with work. Like your couple? It is said of leather that the older it gets, the more it embellishes. Because the traces of passing time, this famous patina, give it all its charm. Here is a nice metaphor for your union which is still in its beginnings. Your relationship can be shaped to give it a bright future, as long as you nurture and take care of it.

Some gift ideas for your second year of marriage: a leather accessory such as a wallet or a handbag, a leather item of clothing such as a biker jacket, a leather bracelet.

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Wedding anniversary gift ideas for your 3 years: the wheaten wedding

The three years of marriage are those of the wheat wedding feast. Better known as soft wheat, wheat is synonymous with happiness and fertility. Indeed, it represents at the same time life, fertility, prosperity, and eternal love. The seeds contained in the ears of wheat, in turn, give rise to other ears and so on. This metaphor is that of the couple who, after 3 years of marriage, can ask themselves the question of buying a house or starting a family. In short, to move forward with important couple projects.

Some gift ideas for your third year of marriage: a bouquet of country flowers, a pancake evening, a trip to the countryside.

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4 years of marriage: gift ideas for your wax wedding anniversary

The four years of marriage correspond to the wax wedding. The bees use this delicate but solid material to build the honeycombs of the hive to store their honey. It’s a nice metaphor for your union, which sums up your relationship well after 4 years. Little by little, you are laying the first stones of your common future, the foundations are solid in order to move forward together. But wax is also the material of candles. This gives this wedding anniversary a romantic atmosphere.

Some gift ideas for your fourth year of marriage: candles, a candlelight dinner, artisanal honey.

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Anniversary gifts: 5 years of marriage: wooden wedding

Wood is the material in the spotlight for your 5 years of marriage. It is a noble natural material, symbol of durability and solidity. Wood also means anchoring, like that of your couple who for 5 years has been taking root, building, and solidifying. A bit like a tree whose roots grow underground to allow it to grow upright.

Some gift ideas for your fifth year of marriage: a wooden sculpture, an unusual weekend in a wooden treehouse, a romantic evening in front of a log fire.

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6 years of marriage: Cyprus wedding

What is Cyprus It is a perfume base, one of the components of which is extracted from a lichen that grows on oak? It is called “oakmoss”. Widely used in the perfumery, it generally combines bergamot, oakmoss, patchouli, and sandalwood. Both sweet and exotic, chypre is the symbol of an ideally balanced marriage between its scents. Essences and aromas blend wonderfully. This is what offers the metaphor of 6 years of marriage, like the two spouses, who understand and complement each other. Cyprus also refers to the island in the Mediterranean Sea, known as the Island of Aphrodite. The island of Cyprus is said to be the cradle of the goddess of love and fertility.

Some gift ideas for your sixth year of marriage: a scented candle, perfume, a trip to Cyprus.

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7 years of marriage: woolen wedding

The 7-year mark is important in a marriage. It’s often associated with a passion that can fade and a thoughtful stage in the relationship. But the 7 years of marriage are symbolized by wool. This soft and resistant element marks the strength and longevity of the couple. It is therefore a subject that gives a note of hope and confidence in the future of the couple. While passion is important, it isn’t everything.

Some gift ideas for your seventh year of marriage: a garment knitted like a scarf, a trip to one of the lands of wool.

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8 years of marriage: poppy wedding

Tradition has it that the 8 years of marriage correspond to the wedding of the poppy. In the language of flowers, the poppy means  “Let us love each other as soon as possible”. It is the comfort plant. If it seems fragile, because it wilts quickly if you pick it up, the poppy is firmly rooted in the earth. It is weather-resistant and its pretty orange-red color never tarnishes. Nice metaphor for your marriage which after 8 years can experience ups and downs, go through a couple’s crisis… But he gets over it thanks to his love. And what more beautiful color than that of the poppy to symbolize your love …

Some gift ideas for your eighth year of marriage: a bouquet of flowers, a picnic in a poppy field, a photoshoot in the countryside.

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9 years of marriage: earthenware wedding

Earthenware, named after the Italian city of Faenza where it was made famous, is pottery (terracotta made from clay) enameled or glazed. It is both a solid and fragile object. It can become a real work of art if you take care of it. Just like your couple who, after 9 years, can go through difficulties but the art of compromise allows them to save. By never stopping caring for and loving each other, you keep moving forward together.

Some gift ideas for your ninth year of marriage: tableware, a pottery class, a trip to Italy.

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Anniversary gifts: 10 years of marriage: tin wedding anniversary

Pewter is in the spotlight for the important milestone of your 10 years of marriage. One might think that it is not very romantic and yet… Pewter is a gray-white metal, very malleable but strong, which can become bronze when mixed with copper. It is not altered over time because it resists corrosion. It is a nice metaphor for your relationship, symbolizing its strength but also the value of your love and your ability to transcend yourself together to move forward hand in hand after ten years.

Some gift ideas for your tenth year of marriage: a decorative object, a pewter or bronze statuette, a silver-gray jewel.

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12 years of marriage: silk wedding

The 12 years of marriage are associated with the silk wedding. This noble and delicate material, which comes from certain arthropods (the bombyx caterpillar), is an invitation to travel. According to legend, Leizu, the Chinese goddess of silk, discovered silk thread around -2500 BC. JC. And a Chinese proverb says “With time and patience, mulberry leaves turn into a silk dress”. How to be more poetic in the metaphor of marriage? Calm, luxury, and pleasure are therefore in the spotlight to celebrate this wedding anniversary gently and sensually.

Some gift ideas for your twelfth year of marriagea silk scarf, silk sheets, a weekend in Lyon, the city of silk.

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15 years of marriage: crystal wedding

The crystal symbolizes purity. It is precious and fragile at the same time, like the nuptials he describes, this marriage which has lasted for 15 years. Crystals have the ability to take charge of beautiful energy. And that is why the crystal is appropriate for love that ignores the passage of time as if it carried the secret of lasting couples. Bright, precious, and elegant, crystal is a noble material. A nod to the preciousness and purity of feelings that are still intense despite the years that go by.

Some gift ideas for your fifteenth year of marriage: champagne flutes, a perfume bottle, a piece of jewelry.

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Anniversary gifts: 20 years of marriage: porcelain wedding anniversary

Porcelain is a ceramic made of a mixture of kaolin, quartz, and feldspar, both fine and almost translucent. Widely used in tableware, this material is known for its resistance to impact and heat. Porcelain weddings are therefore a real ode to the longevity and solidity of the couple. They allow you to realize that the passage of time does not affect the strength of your relationship. It is therefore a real metaphorical symbol for your relationship which has lasted for two decades. 

Some gift ideas for your twentieth year of marriage: an elegant dinnerware set, a valuable trinket, a white dinner.

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30 years of marriage: pearl wedding

30 years of marriage has become something rare. The 30 years of marriage are symbolized by the pearl, a stone as beautiful as it is rare and precious. Each pearl has a unique color, shine, and size. The pearl wedding is, therefore, a symbol of preciousness. They allow the spouses to become aware of the singularity of their love. Indeed, the relationship, which has survived many trials, is as precious as a real pearl.

Some gift ideas for your thirtieth year of marriagea piece of jewelry, such as a pearl ring, the renewal of wedding vows, a trip.

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50 years of marriage: a golden wedding

50 years of marriage… If this was common in the days of our parents and grandparents, it has become rare today. Of course, we are living older and older, so we could share 50 years with one person. But the declining number of marriages and especially the increasing number of divorces make these very long unions almost unbelievable. Why gold? It seems obvious… No matter how many centuries it goes through, this stainless metal retains its shine and golden color. Precious metal par excellence, gold is the symbol of the wedding rings of the bride and groom. Gold, therefore, symbolizes the strength of your relationship and the love that unites you.

Some gift ideas for your fiftieth year of marriage: a gold jewel, a cruise, a guest book (photos, souvenirs, etc.)

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