The importance of hugs in the couple

January 21 is the international day of hugs or “Hug day”. This concept, which came straight from the United States, has since become the world day of hugs and hugs, depending on the degree of intimacy between the two people. A hug is a physical contact that consists of hugging the other. He can be brotherly, friendly, in love. What is his place in a couple precisely? Are hugs, symbols of tenderness, necessary for the balance of a couple? What are the virtues for each of the two partners, for the couple, for the relationship? We tell you all about the importance of hugs in the couple in this article.

The importance of hugs in the couple

Hugs are good for you!

Daily hugs are important because they improve your health and that of your partner. When you hug, there is a slight pressure that is placed on the breastbone. The latter creates an emotional charge activating the solar plexus chakra, stimulating the thymus gland. It ensures the production of white blood cells, which keeps a person healthy.

A better mood

Not to mention that the simple act of hugging your partner releases several hormones, including serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These hormones provide a feeling of well-being that improves your mood. A bad day can affect your relationship as a couple, and hugging is the solution.

The importance of hugs in the couple for a reduction of stress

A loving hug between you and your partner can reduce your blood pressure and therefore your stress. After a hard day’s work, for example, it’s a simple and effective way to calm yourself down and release the pressure.

Better sleep

When you hug yourself in the evening before sleeping, on the sofa for example or in bed, it will help you sleep better. Because it frees you from the pressures of the day and puts you in a cocoon of serenity and security before you fall asleep.

A benefit against certain diseases

But that’s not all. In terms of health, the hug also has cardiovascular virtues. Thanks to serotonin and dopamine, it helps reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and blood flow.

It is also effective in warding off depression. It is also not for nothing if in winter we tend to hug each other a little more often. It is not only to keep warm but also to experience the contact of the other and therefore to avoid the famous winter blues, linked to the lack of heat and vitamin D.

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The importance of hugs for the morale of the couple

When someone gives you a hug, it feels good, like you’re in a bubble, and even more so if the hug comes from the person you love. In the couple, physical and tactile reconciliations are important. They are vectors of many benefits for each partner but also for the good balance of the couple. It is not only a question of contacts accompanying carnal intimacy, but also of tenderness, marks of affection, and support. These hugs are essential in a couple.

For them to be as effective as they are pleasant, it is advisable to hug at least one day as a couple, especially when you wake up, when you come home from work, or at bedtime. Hugging each other every day, instead of the simple automatic or even mechanical kiss to say hello or good night, is much more important for the good health and good morale of your couple.

Remember that when two people hug, the brain produces and releases oxytocin, also known as the  “love hormone ”, “happiness hormone” or “attachment hormone”.  What is therefore found for your couple!

Hugs: an essential non-verbal language

Hugs are also a good way to express yourself when you can’t find the words to say what you’re feeling, to reassure or console your partner. Moreover, hugs are a good way to get to know each other without speaking, just with the gestures, and to become familiar with the smell and the body of the other.

This non-verbal language is part of the language of love because hugs alone are a way to prove love. As we know, attention or a gesture is sometimes worth more than dozens of I love you.

In a relationship, non-verbal communication is as important as speaking. A simple hug can say a lot of things: that you are present, that you are sorry, that you understand the other, that you love them. And without having to make a long speech. 

Better torque connection

A couple sleeping in each other’s arms strengthens their bonds, unconsciously. Being glued to each other connects the two bodies and the two minds.

Hugs are therefore a way to maintain your relationship, to make it more intense, and to strengthen your bonds with the other.

In addition, the feeling of security manifests itself in the embrace. When you share a hug, you feel safe with the person you love. The benefits of hugging are therefore multiple. In addition to being an important factor in keeping the flame of desire alive, it creates stronger, stronger bonds between the two partners.

And, let’s not forget, hugs also promote libido, fuel desire, and make you want to have sex more often. The hug can lead to kissing and the kiss can lead to an intimate moment. A hug a day can thus improve intimacy in your relationship.

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Conclusion: the hug is an essential gesture of love

The hug is part of the language of love. Hugging is one of the easiest ways to tell someone you love them. Anytime, anywhere, a hug offers your partner a sense of security, well-being, tenderness, proof of love, or even an invitation to a more intimate moment, depending on the context.

The power of a hug is often more important than words. Non-verbal language indeed has a direct influence on our emotional world and has a very special meaning in a relationship.

It is true that not everyone is particularly tactile or comfortable with gestures of tenderness. In a relationship, some people are not very tactile or demonstrative with their partners. But you will understand, within the couple, hugs are essential. So never push your partner away when he wants a hug, it will do both of you good, individually and for your couple.

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