How to rekindle the flame from a distance?

The physical distance in a relationship can be difficult to deal with, both at the beginning and in a relationship that has been established for several years. Sometimes, there are reasons for living away from each other for a while, often for professional reasons or if the meeting took place virtually first, for example. Two people who love each other and want to be together aren’t always prepared to live far from each other, and that can become a burden. When this happens, the couple can feel helpless and lose the flame between them. That of desire, of complicity, of feelings. Indeed, how do you bring your story to life hundreds of kilometers away? When the bond seems to be withering away, how do you keep it alive? So as not to lose control of your story, preserve your relationship, and make it last,

Tip # 1 to rekindle the flame from a distance: keep certain habits

We know that a bad routine, one that resembles boredom, can be detrimental to a couple. But, on the contrary, the routine that feels good, made up of habits, reassures. And, when you lose her, you can feel lost, uncomfortable in your relationship. We realize that the habits in a couple are the glue. So keep certain rituals of your life at a distance and if this is not possible, create new ones.

For example, if you used to cook together in the evening when you come home from work, put yourself on video and do it separately by sharing your recipes. You can even challenge yourself by cooking the same recipe and the first to finish wins, the loser has a token! Another idea if you are both sporty for example: stall your sessions at the same time and motivate yourself by interposed screens. These little routine moments will keep the flame between you at bay.

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Tip # 2 to rekindle the flame from a distance: have fun together

Giggles, jokes, and games have always been a part of your everyday life. The distance doesn’t prevent you from continuing to have fun together. Take advantage of this long-distance relationship to play different games. Many ideas are available to you on the internet. Quiz, musical blind test, puzzles, Truth or Dare from a distance: 100 challenges, couple questions, mimes, a treasure hunt to make the other find an object in the apartment. There is no shortage of possibilities.

Be inventive and spice up the game by giving a pledge to the one who loses. Keeping laughter and fun in your relationship is important to keep the flame going.

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Tip # 3: Plan your future moments together

Projecting yourself by imagining and planning your future moments together is also a great way to spice up the flame from a distance. When you come home from work one evening, make yourself comfortable in your respective sofas and chat on the phone or by a video about your future weekend or a romantic trip, for example. Share your desires, the hotels you find, the places you want to visit. It’s a great way to project yourself as a romantic and to support the distance between you. And then imagine yourself alone in a charming hotel room that can only rekindle the flame between you.

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Tip # 4 to rekindle the flame from a distance: Be naughty

Perhaps it was already in your habits to send you naughty messages or photos. In this case, it is something that must be preserved and accentuated. If you didn’t have this habit, try to pick it up to rekindle the flame of desire between you. Receive a little message as soon as you wake up, acute or naughty little photo … All these little touches are used to keep the flame alive but obviously also to rekindle it! Get out of your comfort zone and try to surprise your partner. Buy yourself new underwear for example and send her a picture to ask her opinion, exchange sulfurous messages to make you want to find yourself even more. Rekindling the flame obviously goes through privacy, so play this card to make sure you get there.

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Tip # 5: Be romantic

Privacy is essential but uses the distance wisely to play the card of romance. If this is not the area in which you feel most comfortable, know that it is easier to be from a distance. Take the time, for example, to write her a beautiful love letter, to make her a fiery declaration of love. Or to have them deliver flowers or a small gift. Surprises, romance, attention, and intimacy, all the ingredients that are there to rekindle the flame between you. So do not be afraid to be romantic, this kind of attention will please your partner enormously and will rekindle the flame between you.

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Tip # 6: How to rekindle the flame from a distance: surprise yourself!

What could be better than the element of surprise? Pick up your sweetheart at work one night or, even better, surprise him/her by ringing the bell! So if you don’t live together but you have her keys, you can even surprise her even more by waiting for her on her bed, for example. The goal is obviously to surprise the other but also to be able to spend a unique moment together even if it is ephemeral. You only have one evening or one day to surprise her? So make the most of it and just think of the two of you. Sharing these kinds of moments will create intensity and strong memories between you. This flame that is there just asks to be rekindled.

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