How do I make her understand that I want to make love?

For a woman, it is not always easy to speak openly about desire and to admit it, even to her closest confidants. By saying “I want him” or “I want to make love”, a woman will have the impression of having an inappropriate behavior, even libertine, which blocks more than one. It is especially the gaze of others that will disturb her when ultimately it does not concern anyone, and that, especially in a couple, no one knows what is going on. And it is between you and your lover, companion, husband. How do I make her understand that I want to make love? Here are six tips for telling him, or at least making him understand if you feel more comfortable, that you want to have sex with him.

How do I make her understand that I want to make love?

# 1 Dare to tell her: Surely the best way to make her understand that you want to have sex

Why would men feel free to cry out their desires loudly and not women? Dare to tell him that you want him, with all the feminine delicacy of course. You can whisper sweet and naughty words in her ear or just whisper “I want you” to her. If he is your sweetheart, he will undoubtedly appreciate it, and feeling wanted will strengthen your bond.

If this is a man you met a short while ago, it might be a bit trickier because you won’t necessarily know what reaction he will have. Therefore, if you choose to say it openly, you will have to embrace your envy fully.

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# 2 Make her understand with the gaze

If you don’t dare say it openly, there are a number of ways you can try to make it clear to him. You can, for example, convey a message by looking. It is indeed sometimes easier to make a pass by the eyes everything that one does not dare to say with the word. The gaze plays a very important role in romantic and intimate relationships.

Of course, your partner must understand the meaning of your gaze. Plunge your eyes into hers with your best smile. Share those looks together, smile or wink at him and you can rest assured that there will be no room for ambiguity and that he will quickly understand your intentions.

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# 3 try the tactile approach

If you’re not yet together, a few contacts can make him realize that you want him. You can get closer to him, take his arm or hand while walking, or even let your hands wander a bit. These first approaches will gradually allow him to understand that you want more.

And if it’s with your man, you can be even more tactile! The hands can wander even more, on the buttocks, for example, caresses on the chest, sensual kisses on the neck… All these small gestures will make him understand that you want him, to his greatest happiness.

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How do I make her understand that I want to make love?

# 4 tell her in writing

If you feel blocked in front of him and you can neither tell him nor make him understand, do not panic, there is always another solution to overcome your shyness. You can send him the message in writing. An SMS, a little note slipped unwittingly into his pocket, a little email …

Choose the medium to be sure that he will find your word quickly. Then it’s up to you to write what you want, directly or in a more roundabout way, the whole thing is that he understands!

# 5 How do I make her understand that I want to have sex? By creating a little staging

If you’re not officially together yet, you can create a little scene on your next date. For example, you can invite her to your home by preparing dinner for her with aphrodisiac ingredients, a pretty sexy outfit …

And in a couple, you can set up an even more elaborate and direct staging. If you’re lucky enough to get home before him, run a bath, cook dinner, get out the candles, and massage oil. This relaxed and sensual atmosphere should make him understand the desire you feel for him. And make him spend a dream night afterward.

# 6 Give her a little themed gift

This is yet another way to make him understand your urge if you don’t dare tell him openly. You can easily find pretty naughty little couple games, a book, or even a text or a poem. The main thing is to find what you think is the most appropriate according to your tastes and his, in order to anticipate his reaction.

Choose a place that is quiet enough to offer him, the ideal being at his place or at your place if you are not together. If he’s your sweetheart, leave him this little gift on his pillow he will find out before going to bed and it is therefore quite possible that he will postpone bedtime!

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