24 Mother’s Day gift ideas from a baby

For Mother’s Day, children aged 3 to 11 prepare, more or less secretly, a gift for the school. From college, it’s a kiss or the flowers from the garden, or they dig into their pocket money or ask a parent to help them finance a small gift! But what about toddlers, babies, and children under 3? Not yet in school, not always in a nursery or with a nanny, the responsibility for taking care of mom generally falls to dad. The first Mother’s Day is rather those of the spouses who take care of the gift on behalf of their baby. What gift ideas can a dad find from his baby? We’ve listed 24 Mother’s Day gift ideas for a baby, 12 to buy, and 12 to make.

24 Mother’s Day gift ideas from a baby

Mother’s Day Gifts from a Baby: 12 Gifts to Buy

These gifts to buy are most of the time personalized, with the image of a baby. Your choice of photo, hand and/or footprints, a photo with mom, or a family photo.

# 1 A mug or bowl

For this idea, it is possible to have a photo engraved, the drawing of the baby’s footprints, or even a word like “happy mother’s day” or love like “I love you mom”. She will use it every day for breakfast or during a break if she likes tea and coffee.

# 2 A gem

Necklace with pendant, engraved bracelet, medallion, there are several possibilities for a piece of jewelry. You can make a sober choice without any personalization, or choose to have the baby’s first name engraved for example, or simply offer a necklace or bracelet bearing their first name or initial.

# 3 Personalized magnets

To stick on the refrigerator to maintain the lists of races and appointments, they are often essential in the kitchens of the families and put balm in the heart as soon as one lays eyes on them. Many sites offer the printing of magnets with your photos. What to offer a real baby slideshow with and without mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

# 4 A desk pad

In the same vein, if the mother has a desk on which she spends a lot of time, at home or at work for that matter, a personalized desk pad will brighten up her days. Discreetly with small photos, with a large portrait of a baby or even words of love, it’s up to you to decide according to his personality.

# 5 a tea box

If she is keen on all kinds of teas and drinks them daily, this is a good idea. A pretty wooden tea box, for example, to personalize with paint, a photo, an engraving, or a pretty clasp. Ditto, to do according to your tastes and personality.

# 6 A keyring

Simple and efficient, for small budgets or as a complement to something else, a pretty keyring is always a pleasure. There are plenty of models for Mother’s Day or to personalize with the image of your baby. Photo, prints, quote, love note, date of birth, initials, poem …

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6 more Mother’s Day gifts from a baby to buy

# 7 a handbag accessory

So that she takes the baby’s gift with her everywhere, you can opt for a handbag accessory: a keychain-type bag charm, a pocket mirror, a purse, a small pouch for her make-up… There are plenty of little girly gadgets, already sold for this occasion with “mom” and baby drawings, or that you can once again personalize.

# 8 A calendar or diary

To stick on the fridge or that she takes everywhere with her in her bag, according to her organizational habits, a calendar or an agenda are good ideas for an active mother who makes to do lists and who manages a busy schedule. They are also customizable, with photos, drawings, quotes, important dates already noted …

# 9 A candle or tealight

If she likes interior decoration, subdued lighting, and cocooning atmospheres, go for a pretty indoor candle or a tealight. In his favorite color and/or scent, with a candle holder that can be personalized, it’s a good idea that will make him happy.

# 10 A tote-bag type fabric bag

Reusable fabric bags are popular and allow you to take what you don’t want or can’t put in your handbag. Baby things, in particular, a book, a file for the office, small purchases… These are tote bags and there too, you can easily personalize them with a nice design, a quote, a drawing. A “golden mother” or a “Working mum” for example.

# 11 A jewelry box: one of the cute Mother’s Day gifts from a baby

If she likes jewelry, go for a jewelry box. In the same logic as the tea box, you can choose it in wood to paint it, decorate it, add a personal touch on the part of the baby. In fabric, you can hang ribbons or charms on it. In any case, she can store her treasures there.

# 12 A bouquet of country flowers

Simple but effective, the bouquet of flowers is the classic but always moving gift for Mother’s Day. And for baby, choosing wildflowers is cute, it evokes a family walk during which your child will pick daisies, poppies, or other ears of wheat to give them to you. Until he can, this is a good choice to make at your florist’s or directly in the fields around you if you live in the countryside.

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Other Mother’s Day gift ideas from a baby

Mother’s Day Gifts from a Baby: 12 Gifts to Make

These gift ideas are to be done by oneself, favoring DIY (Do It Yourself) from a support/container sometimes bought, sometimes recovered.

# 13 Breakfast in bed

What could be cuter than this attention on the part of the baby (helped by dad) to offer mum a gentle awakening after a late morning ?! A pretty tray with toast, squeezed fruit juice, a flower, a baby drawing, and voila!

# 14 A homemade jewel

If you want to bet everything on “it was baby who made it”, choose DIY to make pretty homemade jewelry, colorful and childish like a necklace or a bracelet with colored straws cut into small pieces and threaded on lace or a cord, buttons, pearls … Obviously, not to leave in baby’s hands!

# 15 A pencil holder

Taking inspiration from what is done at school, think of the handmade pencil/pen holder. Find a container (tin, plastic bottle, cardboard box…) and personalize it: painting, collage, embroidery, drawing, photo, imprint, decorative charms…

# 16 A happy mother’s day card

No need to look far to please, a pretty card for Mother’s Day from a baby is one of the classic but timeless ideas. Just avoid the purchased, standard card. Prefer DIY with pretty colored card stock, or gift wrap, to personalize with drawings, photos, prints, glitter, stickers …

# 17 A bookmark

If she likes to read, consider the totally unique bookmark. For this, you can take cardboard, thick drawing paper, or a wooden stick and decorate your support: buttons, paint, ribbons, sequins, stickers, felt …

# 18 Painted pebbles

Here is a nice idea to decorate the house. Take a walk with the baby to collect pebbles or if that is not possible where you live, buy them at a decoration/gardening store. Then, let your creativity speak: paint them, make symbols, baby’s prints… Depending on the result, she can decorate them in the bathroom, the hallway, or on her bedside table. 

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6 more Mother’s Day gifts from a baby to make

# 19 A pot filled with sand/seashells / dried flowers

Depending on where you live, take advantage of what nature has to offer to create a pretty still life. In a pretty decorated pot, put sand of different colors, seashells or a bouquet of dried flowers. Make it based on what you find and your inspiration.

# 20 A vase

Made with a recovered glass jar (jam jar, bottle, jar) and painted with baby’s hands for example (prints or instinctively) and/or decorated with ribbons, lace, to finalize with a pretty bouquet of flowers inside.

# 21 Salt Dough Baby Footprints: One of the Classic Mother’s Day Gifts from a Baby

A classic, the famous salt dough gift that your child will fully discover in kindergarten. Optionally, after making your dough, take the baby’s hands or feet to make his prints. Paint the support, decorate it, write on it whatever you want for Mother’s Day.

# 22 a wooden photo frame

Take some reclaimed wood (ice cream sticks, DIY cleats, branches in the forest) and glue or secure four to make a photo frame. If the shape isn’t sharp, that’s okay. Paint it or keep the natural side of the wood of your choice, with a simple varnish, and insert a photo of the baby alone or with his mother or family previously chosen.

# 23 Cupcakes in a pretty bag or decorated box

Embark on a pastry workshop with baby by preparing his mother’s favorite cakes: shortbread, cookies, or even cupcakes decorated with small drawings in the dough, candies, icing sugar, colored sugar dough, chocolate…

# 24 A flowerpot or potted plant

Unlike a bouquet of flowers that will wilt in a week or so, think of a flowerpot or a potted plant. Decorate the terracotta pot, for example, with paint, seashells, small colored pebbles to glue, or even baby’s prints. Choose her favorite plant or flowers or a bag of seeds to plant with the baby.

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