20 Father’s Day gift ideas from a baby

For Father’s Day as for Mother’s Day, children from kindergarten to CM2 make a handmade gift for the school. But for toddlers, babies, and children under 3 not yet in school, not always in a nursery or with a nanny, the responsibility for the gift often falls on the mother. Indeed, the first two or three Father’s Day are those of mothers who take care of the gift from their baby. What gift ideas can a mom find from her baby? To buy or do it yourself? We’ve listed 20 Father’s Day gift ideas from a baby to buy or make.

20 Father’s Day gift ideas from a baby

Father’s Day Gifts from a Baby: 10 Gifts to Buy

These gifts to buy are customizable, with the image of a baby. Your choice of photo, hand and/or footprints, a photo with dad, or a family photo.

# 1 an apron

Cooking, here is a nice message to send to dad who is perhaps an excellent cordon bleu! To buy already for the occasion or to personalize with a message, a photo, or the baby’s prints.

# 2 A cup or mug

For this idea, it is possible to have a photo engraved, the drawing of the baby’s footprints, or even a word such as “happy birthday dad” or “I love you dad”. He will use it every day for breakfast or during a break, for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate!

# 3 Best Dad’s Book: One of the Cute Father’s Day Gifts from Baby

In the form of a humorous cartoon or a book of advice, the best dad book is a nice nod to his fatherhood and the bond that unites him to his son or daughter. If reading is one of those hobbies, you can also find some cute fatherhood novels.

# 4 a toolbox

If he likes to DIY, a toolbox is a great gift idea. In voices or in metal, it can even be personalized with an engraving or a small plaque such as “Daddy’s toolbox” for example.

# 5 a barbecue kit

Are you a family barbecue fan? What if Father’s Day was the occasion to give him the necessary? Utensils for grilling, a tray for the meat, an apron, something to light the barbecue… Remember to fill the fridge and have a barbecue on the occasion of Father’s Day!

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Father’s Day gifts from a baby: 5 more gifts to buy

# 6 a pouch

If men are not used to having a handbag like women, the fact remains that many have a pocket to store essentials: keys, papers, money, laptop. Whether in a pouch, a fanny pack, a satchel, a gym bag, choose what daddy likes.

# 7 a special t-shirt

There are plenty of T-shirts with Father’s Day prints and messages. Touching or funny, it’s up to you to choose according to your tastes and not to fall into the old-fashioned way. You can also personalize it with the baby’s handprint, first name, or even a quote.

# 8 a balloon

Is the dad a sportsman, a fan of football, basketball, or even volleyball? Give him a professional ball from a baby. And think, as for the Wilson balloon in “Alone in the world”, to have baby’s prints written there, for example!

# 9 a bracelet

In leather, with large wooden or colored beads, or even energetic stones, there are plenty of pretty models of bracelets that can be declined for men. Depending on the model, they can be personalized with an engraving or an inscription, or reflect the personality of the dad.  

# 10 a glasses case

If he wears prescription glasses or sunglasses, a case is a good idea for a gift to personalize as well. To choose according to your tastes for the material, the print, and the color. Include a “happy birthday daddy”, his first name and that of the baby, a quote…

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Father’s Day gift ideas from a baby: to make

Father’s Day Gifts from a Baby: 10 Gifts to Make

These gift ideas are to be done by oneself, favoring DIY (Do It Yourself) from a support/container sometimes bought, sometimes recovered.

# 11 A coaster

To put under glasses as an aperitif or under his bottle of beer for example when he is watching a match, think of coasters. Homemade with wooden sticks glued to each other, painted or decorated, it will be ideal support to keep your table intact!

# 12 A DIY keychain

Simple and efficient, for small budgets or as a complement to something else, a pretty keyring is always a pleasure. There are plenty of Father’s Day designs to personalize with your baby’s image. Photo, fingerprints, date of birth, initials. You can also make it from A to Z, metal version for example, in the shape of a man with bolts or by diverting another small piece of tooling.

# 13 a pencil holder

Taking inspiration from what is done at school, think of the handmade pencil/pen holder. Find a container (tin, plastic bottle, cardboard box, etc.) and personalize it: painting, collage, drawing, photo, imprint. Think of a mister potato or mustache guy shape for this daddy version!

# 14 breakfast in bed

What could be cuter than this attention from baby to give dad a gentle wake-up call after a sleepy morning ?! A tray with toast, squeezed fruit juice and a coffee, the newspaper or his favorite comic, a baby drawing, a kiss, and voila!

# 15 A bookmark

If he likes to read, think about the totally unique bookmark. For this, you can take cardboard, thick drawing paper, or a wooden stick and decorate your support: buttons, paint, stickers, felt. For this dad version, think of a model of car, motorcycle, or even a superhero, according to his tastes.

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Father’s Day gifts from a baby: 5 more gifts to make

# 16 A mosaic photo frame or ice cream sticks

Choose a very beautiful photo of dad and baby, in black and white for example, and make a mosaic photo frame to highlight it. To do this, glue pieces of mosaic in his favorite color, with different shapes and shades.

# 17 A decorated coat rack or hanger

For home or at work, make him a coat rack with a baby photo. To do this, take a wooden or cardboard support that you decorate and glue the photo on, and put on the back what you need to fix it to the wall and a hook on the front to hang your jacket or coat. Easier, take a wooden hanger and paint it, putting baby’s prints on it. It will be his personal hanger in your dressing room.

# 18 A Jar of Treats: One of the Perfect Father’s Day Gifts for Baby

Made with a salvaged glass jar (jam jar, vase, jar) and painted with baby’s hands for example (prints or instinctively) and/or decorated with stickers, fill it with homemade candies or cookies.

# 19 a fathers day card

No need to look far to please, a pretty card for Father’s Day from a baby is one of the classic but timeless ideas. Just avoid the purchased, standard card. Prefer DIY with pretty colored card stock, or gift wrap, to personalize with drawings, photos, prints, glitter, stickers …

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# 20 A DIY photo album

If you have the time or plan ahead enough, create a photo album. Of course, you can find templates on the Internet to fill in with your digital photos. But if you have time, take a nice notebook or scrapbook, paste the baby and family photos developed there, and add baby prints in paint, drawings, stickers, colorful glitter, stamps or stencils …

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