13 years of marriage: 13 gifts for your thrush wedding anniversary

embolism of the lily of the valley?

If the lily of the valley has 13 flowers per sprig, we say that it brings good luck! What to fight the received idea that the 13th is necessarily a bad omen. In addition, a pretty tradition says that we can hear the sweet music of these white bells in the forests and undergrowth …

Lily of the valley ( convallaria majlis )  or ”  lily of the valley  “, also called ”  lily of the valleys  “, is a plant native to Japan, which is found today everywhere in France, except in the Mediterranean region.

The Celts already attributed good luck virtues to it. Its flowering signified the return of spring and the abundance of nature.

In the Middle Ages, May was the month of weddings and tradition wanted a bouquet of lily of the valley to be hung on the bride’s door, whose whiteness of the flowers symbolized purity.

During the Renaissance, in the French countryside, it was customary to treat yourself to the lily of the valley to ward off the difficulties of winter. On 1 st May 1560, visiting the Drôme, King Charles IX was offered a bit of thrush. He decided to take up this tradition at court by offering the ladies a sprig of lily of the valley as a lucky charm. The custom was born. To offer a lily of the valley on May 1 is to wish a lot of happiness.

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13 years of marriage: what to offer for your thrush wedding?

# 1 Sprigs of lily of the valley

Obviously, if your wedding anniversary is celebrated between April and June when the lily of the valley is picked, what more beautiful nod than to offer a pretty bouquet made up of sprigs of lily of the valley. Try to choose strands with 13 bells. It is ideal to bring good luck and to add symbolism to your gift for your 13th wedding anniversary. It’s up to you to see if you make a homemade composition by going directly to pick it in the forest or if you prefer to go to a florist.

# 2 a bouquet of white flowers

Lily of the valley cannot be afforded all year round, so if your wedding anniversary does not fall on the right time to pick it, look to other flowers. A bouquet of white flowers, to keep the nod to the white of the lily of the valley, will have its little effect, full of softness and refinement. You can also accompany the lily of the valley with other flowers for a beautiful floral arrangement.

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# 3 A walk in the forest: one of the gifts for your thrush wedding anniversary

Lily of the valley is picked in the forest, in the undergrowth, where the sun is played in the foliage of the trees. It collects in the shade, in the middle of the hummus or the leaves which still crackle under the foot. But even if your birthday falls in the middle of autumn, nothing prevents you from taking a beautiful walk in the forest, to celebrate your 13 years of marriage, like a nod to your wedding with the lily of the valley.

# 4 A picnic in the middle of nature

If you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary on a sunny day, consider the idea of ​​a picnic in the great outdoors. In the woods, in a country setting, by a lake, in a wooded park or even on the beach … Choose the decor possible near you and that you prefer. If the ideal is to be in the greenery, in the middle of the flowers for a nod to the lily of the valley, your choice will be the right one as long as you spend a romantic moment in love. And who says picnic does not necessarily mean sandwiches and packets of crisps. You can very well give it a gastronomic side with champagne, toast, a nice salad, and fresh fruit.

# 5 perfume with the scent of lily of the valley

There are perfumes, eau de toilette or Eau de parfum depending on whether it is for a man or for a woman and according to his preferences, with the scent of lily of the valley. Perfumes with floral scents can be light or heady, depending on the associations made. Lily of the valley has a slightly musky smell to men, and pair with spring flowers for something fresh for a woman.

# 6 a scented candle

Candles come in all scentscolors, and shapes. You will therefore inevitably find your happiness for this nod to lily of the valley on the occasion of your 13 years of marriage. You can add or prefer incense sticks or an interior fragrance diffuser.

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13 years of marriage: 7 other gifts for your thrush wedding anniversary

# 7 White and floral tableware

Your 13 years of marriage can be an opportunity to renew your pretty dishes. Why not make the choice of pretty white plates delicately flowered and decorated with sprigs of lily of the valley? You can prefer dishes and salad bowls or even champagne glasses or flutes engraved with sprigs of lily of the valley in transparency for example. Enough to then set up a pretty table for your wedding anniversary dinner!

# 8 A canvas or a painting

If you love interior design and flower representations are to your common liking, why not gift her a canvas or painting depicting the lily of the valley in the form of your choice? Pastel, photo, watercolor … A few sprigs of lily of the valley, a classic still life, and undergrowth. Otherwise, it is possible to decline this gift with a table in white or pastel tones. Or to prefer a canvas with a photo of you two for example. If you have a nice photo of you two in the middle of nature, the nod to your lily of the valley wedding will be there!

# 9 A jewel: one of the gifts for your thrush wedding or 13 years of marriage

For this special occasion, and as for all wedding anniversaries, a piece of jewelry is a gift that always makes you happy. If you stay in the symbolism of the lily of the valley, it will rather address a woman. Indeed, you can find pendants, brooches, bracelets, or earrings, with the effigy of lily of the valley with fine strands in bracelets for example, pretty white or silver bells for earrings or a pendant.

# 10 A cooking workshop and a tasting with edible flowers

Here is an original idea to celebrate your wedding with the lily of the valley: a romantic cooking workshop, in which you can learn to cook with edible flowers. To do this, all you need to do is select the right theme in advance or bring a chef to your home, giving him the theme to follow for your thrush wedding. You will be able to cook and then enjoy a good romantic meal.

# 11 A night in the forest

The forest is at the center of the theme of your wedding lily of the valley for your 13 years of marriage. As such, a night or an entire weekend in love in the middle of nature seems to be ideal. For this, you will easily find unusual accommodation possibilities such as a treehouse, a wooden chalet or bungalow, or even a transparent bubble to be as close as possible to nature on the occasion of your wedding anniversary.

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# 12 A trip to Japan

Lily of the valley is a plant that originally comes from Japan. If found in all temperate climates today, there is a typical species there, the Japanese lily of the valley. In early summer, stems of small, pendulous flowers, pale lilac to white, emerge from the middle of the dense leaves. They are followed by blue fruits at the end of summer. The wink is therefore doubly found for your 13 years of marriage. If your budget allows it, take off on a romantic trip to Japan!

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# 13 A stay in Finland: one of the gifts for your thrush wedding anniversary

Finland also has a history with lily of the valley since, since 1982, the lily of the valley is the national flower of Finland, it is one of its emblems. Lily of the valley was chosen as the national flower because of its fragrant bells well known to locals. These clusters of tiny white flowers bloom in early northern summer, both in wooded, damp land and in parks and gardens across most of the country. Lily of the valley is recurrently cited in Finnish romantic-inspired poetry and in the lyrics of many variety songs. By the way, the flower’s Finnish name, Kielo, is also a traditional female given name. So many valid reasons to go for a weekend or a short stay in Finland, to enjoy its traditions as closely as possible!

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