10 gift ideas to celebrate your 10 years together

In no time, you will be living with the person you love for 10 years. The countdown is on, in a few days or weeks, you will pass the milestone of this decade of shared love. On this occasion, you want to find an original, unusual, romantic, original gift idea. What are his tastes? And yours? What is your budget? To help you in your search for gift ideas to celebrate your 10 years together, here are 10 ideas to decline in several ways for some. It’s up to you to choose how to celebrate your 10 years of love under the same roof!

10 gift ideas to celebrate your 10 years together

# 1 A gem

It is a classic gift but strongly symbolic and which is above all timeless. A piece of jewelry lasts over time, remains, and is sometimes even passed on within families. So give the person you love a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet, earrings, or even a ring. This gift idea comes in many ways, it’s up to you to choose the one that most resembles your couple.

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# 2 10 years = 10 gifts

How to concretely mark this 10th anniversary of a romantic relationship? By offering 10 small gifts. Make sure that each gift represents a common memory, an intimate, romantic moment, on vacation, with family. A success, a milestone in your life as a couple, a project. Let it be symbolic of each year, for example.

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# 3 A day under the sign of romanticism: one of the ideal gifts for 10 years of living together

Plan a romantic day that she/he will remember for a long time. Bring him breakfast in bed, have a bouquet of flowers delivered, cook or have a delicious dinner delivered, go to the theater or the opera, prepare a scented bath for him on his way home, have a treasure hunt in the house so that he/she finds your gift, and finally plan a gentle massage session before the final bouquet: hugs under the duvet.

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# 4 A night in an unusual place

There are more and more completely unusual places in France to spend a night or a weekend. For example troglodyte houses, nests, igloos, safari lodges, treehouses, transparent bubbles, yurts, caravans, boats, sleeping cars … You choose according to your preferences, your budget, and the distance.

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# 5 a nod to pewter

You may not know it, but 10 years of marriage is the tin anniversary. So you made the choice not to get married, to live in cohabitation, free union, or PACS, but that does not take anything away from these 10 years of shared love and common life. Marriage or not, the importance is the same. Why not take inspiration from this to find a pewter gift idea?

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5 other gift ideas to celebrate your 10 years together

# 6 a hot air balloon flight  

Discover the sky in all its splendor thanks to a hot-air balloon flight, thrill-seekers and dreamers alike will find what they are looking for, between adrenaline, meditation, and romance. For your 10 years together, treat yourself to this romantic getaway, share an experience as magical as it is unique at sunrise.

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# 7 The gift tree: one of the original gifts for your 10 years together

Do you know the gift tree? A bit like the Advent calendar for children before Christmas, it is a tree with 10 gifts, corresponding to your 10 years together. For this, the principle is to make or buy a small wooden tree, hang 10 transparent balls that open and close, or other supports of your choice. Place a gift voucher in each ball, to celebrate each year spent together. For example, with common gifts: a massage for two, a spa evening, an evening at the theater, a gourmet restaurant, etc.

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# 8 A celebration for your ten years

If you are more partying than romantic, and for you, these 10 years can only be celebrated with the people you love, prepare a surprise party for your 10 years of love. Catering and DJ, decoration, surprises, photos, souvenirs, games … With a theme or not, it’s up to you to organize this day or this evening to make it an unforgettable moment for your couple.

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# 9 a gourmet restaurant

10 years of marriage is the opportunity to organize a dream moment in the land of gastronomy, in the midst of flavors and scents. Book in an excellent restaurant with a gastronomic or tasting menu, for example, for two, in order to fully enjoy this moment of romantic complicity.

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# 10 A romantic trip

If your budget allows it, book a trip to the end of the world, to a destination that your spouse dreams of or that you have been talking about for a long time. On a paradise island, in a city steeped in history, in a country whose culture fascinates you, in the mountains, on a cruise liner. In a luxury hotel, in a motorhome, backpack on a road trip, on a sailboat, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is your dream of escape that you realize for your 10 years of love.

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