Wishing a good night: 10 cute messages

Wishing your lover a good night is still crazy! Wishing each other good night in real life with a little hug and a kiss is better but if you are not in the same bed tonight, here are 10 cute messages to wish your other half the good night!

    • I would like to be in your arms… But since you’re not here, I’ll just think of you! I love you mi amor !
    • I like it when we sleep together because you always have warm skin and I like to snuggle up there… The sheets are cold and my feet are all frozen 🙁I miss you!
  • I want to make love… I will wait very wisely to be tomorrow… Good night my love!
  • I love you so much that I have my little heart that pounded as soon as my thoughts turned to you! Goodnight My darling!
  • You and me it’s obvious, tonight, I’m in my bed and I think about our meeting. Chance has placed us on the same path and I thank him for it! I am so happy that you are part of my life! Good night love.
  • I know your day has been difficult and I would have liked to be there to hug you… I kiss you virtually, hoping that you feel the warmth of my lips on yours from a distance.
  • We’re not used to being separated like that anymore… I miss you horribly when you’re not here. I feel alone in these empty sheets, your chest is missing from my head and your hands from my hair… Good night my heart.
  • When I close my eyes, I see your face, I see your smile, and I smile too. Despite the distance, the last memories I have in mind of the moments spent together appease me… I love you more than anything, have a beautiful dream, my love!


  • Guess who I’m gonna dream of? 😀I feel like I’m going to sleep well with you in my dreams! Good night darling


  • Love of my life, come back quickly, without you I will perish like an old tin can, I dry up like an anemone in a desert… Well, no more metaphors! I love you, really very much! Good night love of my life!

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