SMS to say good night to your darling

Your darling is not next to you but you want to say goodnight to him? It’s always nice to receive a message from the person you love before the “sandman” passes, isn’t it? But how do you tell your darling to get a good night’s sleep without overdoing it? Here are 10 examples of SMS to say good night to your darling.

SMS to say good night to your darling

1 / I end the day by sending a message to the person who matters most to me. Sweet Dreams

2 / I can’t sleep, I miss you terribly, it’s the last night without your presence near me, I can’t wait to find you <3

3 / Have a sweet night my darling, filled with beautiful things. Think of me😉

4 / Good night my love, sleep well. I love you madly in love <3

5 / I am in my bed, alone, there is a great void in this bed without you, I would like you to come and warm it with me.

6 / Good evening my angel, a sweet thought for you tonight, to wish you a good night full of sweetness and tenderness, good night. I love you🙂

7 / I dream that every night I can fall asleep in your arms and wake up every morning with your sublime face by my side. Have a good night my star.

8 / Hello. You must probably be in your bed, ready to sleep, I’m writing this message to you because I miss you. Hope you have a good night.

9 / I would like to sleep with you, hugging you, our bodies stick together and my mouth places a thousand kisses on your body, my hands embrace you to keep you in my arms all night long. I love you <3

10 / To you my other half, you who makes me dream, I send you lots of papules everywhere to say goodnight to you my marmot 🙂

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