Sexts to say good night

Are you in your bed, the night is falling and you want to turn your boyfriend or girlfriend a little bit on? Here are our examples of sexting to say good night!

1 / Good night my heart… <3 Your caresses and your lips invade my thoughts… every time I am going to have a romantic dream again tonight! Can’t wait to meet you there … <3

2 / Oh my god, I won’t be able to sleep … your naughty messages are going to drive me crazy! <3 Anyway, I know one who is still standing…!

3 / Good night my love <3 I was going to bed when suddenly I was faced with a terrible dilemma… little sexy nightie or thong? <3

4 / I want you…! I hug my pillow very tightly against me, imagining you in my arms, but it’s not the same… I miss your smell, your splendid chest, your intoxicating lips, your devastating smile, and your caresses… Oh my god your caresses, I don’t even dare to talk about it! Otherwise, I would risk spending a sleepless night trying to calm “the big man” downstairs, who does not want to sleep…! I can’t do without you <3

5 / Tonight I’m going to attend the preview of our naughty video my love! I still think back to where we had shot her… All naked in bed… I sit down comfortably to view our work of art! I will not miss a thing!

Possible answer: Wait for me !! I bring the popcorn!

6 / Good night my darling <3 I know a little toy that will be happy to sleep with me tonight…: p Although I’m not ready to sleep right away… ^^

I hope that these naughty little messages will have exhilarated you and that they will have made you want to do the same with your darling!


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