Sext: sexy and sensual sexting examples

We underestimate the effect that a sext can have on our darling. Here are 10 examples of sexting to make him succumb. Let’s go ladies!

  • I’ll give you 30 seconds to come and try to put out the fire that is raging in me.

  • Your wandering hands and your delicious tongue against my naked and hot body… Come quickly!

  • Lying on the bed, I wait for you, doing nothing, defenseless and without panties.

  • I can’t seem to forget the pleasure you gave me last night. Shall we do it again tonight?

  • Just thinking about your smell … I have shivers of pleasure.

  • Guess who forgot to put on panties this morning?

  • I can’t wait to feel your powerful hands on my body again.

  • Tonight, I’m going to make one of your fantasies come true … Think carefully, because I want to please you.

  • I’ll give you 5 minutes to come back to the apartment and jump on me!

  • I want to make love so much that I feel like I’m going to explode… When are you coming home?


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