Sext for him

Women are very fond of this kind of naughty SMS, so it’s up to you!


  • Far from you, alone in this bed, the memory of your body already makes my night hard … Come home quickly!


  • I fall asleep naked in the vestiges of your perfume impregnated in the sheets which, suddenly, rise. I am waiting for you.


  • I’m on the verge of falling asleep, two fingers that would have liked to devote themselves entirely to your pleasures if you had been there. Don’t come home too late.


  • You make me horny… (You turn me on…) 


  • I miss you, I want you, to feel your skin … I love you


    • Tonight, you will slowly undo the fly of my pants and it will be a fireworks display for the rest of our frenzied night.


  • I want you to be amazed at the innovation I’m going to offer you tonight …


  • If you knew how I want to make love to you, it’s unimaginable …


  • I want to nibble your beautiful thighs and linger between your thighs …


  • You should wear this beautiful set that you bought last week tonight… It already gives me ideas…

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