Morning love text

A sweet message when you wake up, helps us start the day well and it boosts us. To provoke that in your darling here are examples of morning love SMS.


    • Before I left this morning, I watched you sleep. You were so beautiful and so peaceful. I hope this day will end quickly so that I can find you.


    • Good morning my love. A little morning message because when you send me one, my day is happy so I will send you plenty to make yours wonderful.


  • The day is breaking, may these few words brighten up your day. I love you, my dear.


  • I chose the cutest person in my repertoire to say hello. So hello my love.


  • I am sending you this message to wish you a good day. May this message be a lucky charm and open the doors to a beautiful day.


  • The morning text message defines whether your day will be pleasant or not. Know it, she will be and tonight I have a surprise in store for you at home to thank you for everything you bring me🙂


  • This morning, on my way to work, I ran into a beautiful young woman. I decided to bring her a bouquet of roses. Look behind your door, a surprise awaits you.


  • May this morning be the witness of my feelings for you and of the attachment that I have for you and which binds us. Good day, my angel.


  • A little message just to tell you that you occupy my thoughts and thus make you smile and brighten up this gloomy day when I am far from you my love.


  • To live a love story is to have a good life. I wish you all the happiness in the world my darling. Tenderly I kiss you and madly I love you. The nice day my love.

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