Messages to say good night to your love: 10 love SMS

In pajamas and soon ready to slip to the bottom of the bed and say goodnight to your darling, except that tonight you want to change your habits, surprise him and send messages a little different from the others! We offer you some ideas for messages to say good night to your love!

Messages to say good night to your love: 10 love SMS

1 / “Very warm under my duvet <3 I miss your arms … <3 Sweet dreams my kitten <3”

2 / “Good night my love <3 I think hard of you and our love … <3 I can’t wait to find you in my dreams … <3”

3 / “Good night my kitten <3 I spent a beautiful evening with you … <3 And I would have liked it never to end … <3 I love you <3”

4 / “I wish you a very good night love of my nights <3 And if you still have a nightmare, do not hesitate to call me <3 I love you <3”

5 / “I close my eyes thinking of you… <3 Your smile, your caresses, and your gaze…! <3 I miss you! <3 “

6 / “In a ball under my quilt like a little cat, I think very hard about you <3 Good night my kitten <3 Meow! <3 “

7 / “I have images of our evening running through my head…! <3 I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep…! 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep,… no definitely it’s dead for me tonight! 😛Sweet dreams miss! <3 “

8 / “Want your kisses, your caresses, to touch you … <3 My bed seems ridiculously big without you by my side … <3 I love you love <3”

We also offer two little more fun messages to end the day with fun!

9 / “Gla, gal, gal…. it’s too cold under the duvet! Even my radiator can’t compete with you !! 😀I love you, my dear! Kisses everywhere! <3 “

10 / “Want to snuggle up to you tonight <3 I miss even your cold feet and your snoring !! <3 Good night love of my life! <3 “


We wish you a very good night! Hoping that these ideas will have made you happy or smile!

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