Loving sexting: 30 sext models to send her tonight

“  I’m naked under my dress, I’m starting to feel cold. Do not delay too much “,”  I want to shiver in you “,”  I want to tear your clothes off  “… Virtual message and for all that very naughty, sexting has taken on crazy importance within couples ( and not that elsewhere).

For the sex therapist Ghislaine Paris, the sext is ”  an intimate sexual exchange, even if there is no successful act.

Before, couples held on to the long term, despite the mortal boredom they endured. And yes, there weren’t our dear friends on social networks to remind us that Bébert and Mumu had a more exciting life than ours and that, therefore, we had to compete! Today, couples no longer want a routine, they are on the lookout for daily excitement, and in this context, sexting makes perfect sense!

Some figures: 19% of those under 50 have already sent a sext (IFOP, April 2013). 68% find sexting exciting or funny and 20% annoying, even disgusting (Survey conducted on Psychogies.com in November 2014).

30 sext templates to send her tonight

Show yourself greedy

For her : 

1 / I want to lick your skin, inhale your scent and bite into your little plump buttocks.

For him :

2 / I’m hungry for you like never before, I want to swallow you up, right away.

3 / Come and give your tongue to my cat …

Show yourself bold

For her :

4 / I am waiting for you on the bed, naked as a Greek statue, hard as the stone which constitutes the statue.

For him :

5 / You have precisely 28 minutes, not one more to come inside me. Otherwise, you will regret it.

Play a role

For her :

6 / Dear Madam, I think I have a fever slightly below the navel, could you come and check?

For him :

7 / Alert, I have thought about you too much, water damage has occurred between my thighs. I need a firefighter, are you coming?


For him :

8 / Tonight, I demand perfect fingering, dim lights, and your firm hands on my arched hips.

For her :

9 / I want to see you with little black stockings, on all fours, offered to me. Whole.

 Write in coded language

For her :

10 / Desire. You. Bite. Ecstasy.

For him :

11 / Mouth. Thrill. Enjoyment.

Play on the lack

For her :

12 / My body hurts so much it stretches without being able to explode between your hands, between your thighs, between your breasts.

For him :

13 / I’m in need. Of you. From the U.S. Of us as one.

Carnal blackmail

For her :

14 / If you make my fantasy come true, I’ll make yours come true. This offer is valid until tonight. Midnight.

15 / If you are not wise, you will have a spanking. If you are wise, you will have several!

For him :

16 / If you take me to seventh heaven tonight, I’ll do whatever you want.

Show your impatience

For her :

17 / My body shivers with impatience, I can’t wait any longer, you have to come home now!

For him :

18 / When are you coming home? I can’t hold on anymore, I want to make love too much, if it continues, I’ll do this alone!

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Give an appointment

For her :

19 / I’ll be waiting for you at Charlotte and Fred’s. Come quickly. And without panties.

For him :

20 / Meet at Le Petit Poucet bar, dress sexy. Make me want!

The dilemma

For her : 

21 / Tonight: Do you control or do I control?

For him :

22 / Satin thong or lace boxer briefs?

Use quotes from famous authors

Mozart (1757-1791) to his wife Constance:

23 / “Prepare your lovely little nest properly, darling, because my little rascal deserves it, in truth; he behaved very well and wants nothing more than to possess your lovely one […]. ”


Anaïs Nin (1903-1977) to Henry Miller (1891-1980):

24 / “We are going to live a week like we never dreamed of. “The thermometer will explode. “I want to feel the violent pounding deep inside me again, feel the burning blood rushing through my veins faster, feel the slow, caressing rhythm, and then suddenly the hard bangs, feel the excitement during the stops, when I hear the sounds of drops of water… and feel you throbbing in my mouth, Henry. Oh! Henry, I can’t stand writing to you – I want you like crazy. I want to spread my legs wide, I melt, I tremble. I want to do such crazy things with you that I can’t find the words to talk about it. “

Apollinaire (1880-1918) in Lou:

25 / “If you knew how I want to make love, it’s unimaginable.”

Be cash

26 / I want you to take me. Without it, I would die.

27 / Come and merge your body with mine, I only dream of that.

28 / I want your hands that glide over my skin, your tongue that rolls on my thighs, and your fingers that run quickly until I reach my destination.

29 / I want you to make love to me. Right now.

30 / Take me, gently, brutally, sensually, savagely. Take me as you want. But take me.

Why send Sexts?

Remain accomplices on a daily basis

Sexting allows you to be in a kind of instant desire. Whether you are at work, at home, doing an entirely different activity … Receiving a sext immediately exhilarates and has the gift of making the person who receives it very eager to join her lover.

Overcome the distance

When you live in a long-distance relationship, sexting allows you to live an intimate and carnal life despite the somewhat delicate geography.

Rekindle desire

When a couple has lived together for years and years, sharing everything, the routine also sets in in bed. Sexting can therefore greatly help to fight the routine in bed!

To talk about things we don’t talk about

It is not always easy to share your fantasies with others. Sexting is a subtle way to make others understand what we like the most without having to go through a formal conversation like “  so what I like is when you… ”.


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