Love text to say goodnight to him

The sandman will be passing by soon, but you haven’t said goodnight to your sweetheart yet? Here are our love texts to say goodnight to him!

1 / “I give you the kiss of the night my love. I am lying down and I think very hard of you. I miss you my Choupinette. “

2 / “I’m in my bed with our Little Wolf plush and we give you big hugs.” “Aouuuuuh” said, Little Wolf. We miss you. I love you <3″

3 / “I thought about our giggles on the phone imitating Emmanuel Macron shouting ahahaha. “Because this is our project! Long live the Republic, and long live Fraaaaance! ” 😀In any case, I hope you’re well able to make your project on time and I am delighted that my help you have been useful! Good night my heart <3 ″

Possible answer: “On behalf of the French Republic, the Principality of Monaco, and my parents, would you like to become my parliamentary attaché?” Ahahaha 😀 “

4 / “I have almost finished my work for tomorrow!” I still have 3 pages to write … Come on, believe it! But I absolutely didn’t want to miss sending you the kiss of the night. (Okay I admit, I had an alarm clock… ^^). I love you very much my love and I have only one hurry, to finish this damn report and to find you as soon as possible in your arms… Good night my angel »

5 / “Good night my choupinou. The genie of the lamp asked me what were my three wishes. 🙂I replied “Loulou, loulou and loulouuuu!” »I love you very much my heart and by your side, I am a fulfilled woman! Good night my pretty heart 🙂 ”

6 / “I can’t sleep my loulou. Yet I count the sheep but nothing helps… 🙁<3 »

Possible answer: “Ooooh my louloute! How about you try wolves? I’m sending you plenty to rock you and take you to dreamland! “

Answer: “1 loulou, 2 loulous, 3 loulous,… Ronronronron…. Zzzzzz… ”

7 / ”  I miss your presence … Your smell, your hugs and your kisses in the night and in the morning <3 I love you very much my artichoke heart  “

Possible answer: “Ooooh my canarticho <3 I give you a big koala hug and I think about you hard <3 Do you want me to send you a recording of my snoring? Ronronronronronrooooon… <3 »

Answer: “I would say it sounds more like purrs 😀 “

Answer: “These are cute snores <3”

I hope you enjoyed these cute little exchanges before midnight and that you can’t wait to be tonight to give your darling the night’s kiss! <3

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