Love text hello

The first message received is that of his darling and there it is, we are ready to face the day. Here are 10 examples of text messages to say hello to your love.


  • A morning text message to lessen my sorrow at not being with you, not being able to hug you. Have a good day my love.


  • May this SMS accompany you for the day. I love you, my dear.


    • I cannot forget to wish you a good day my love even if this SMS is banal it is sincere. I love you.


  • Hello, my love, I hope this day will pass quickly because I can’t wait to see you again tonight. Have a good day. I love you.


  • A new day begins during which I will love you more than yesterday. Have a good day my love. I love you.


  • Hello, my princess, have a good day, I think of you every moment. I love you.


  • Nothing makes my day happier than a text from you, I hope to make yours as pleased with this message. I love you, my dear.


  • Love is as clear as day, love is as easy as pie. I love you.


  • I miss you my love, another day without seeing you … Have a good day and see you tomorrow. I love you.


  • Just to tell you that you occupy all my thoughts, just to make you smile and brighten up your day. I love you my love, have a nice day.

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