Love SMS in English: good night

The Sandman ( Sandman for the English!) Is coming soon and you haven’t yet wished your love a good night? But what are you waiting for? Because there is nothing better to leave quickly in the arms of Morpheus than to receive a charming little text of good night! So to wish your love a good night, here are 10 love SMS templates in English: good night honey!

Good night SMS template

1 / Sweet dreams my darling, I kiss you tenderly and I use my love power to wrap you up with blankets so that you can stay warm as you sleep !!

2 / Good night my angel, rest well, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

3 / I can’t wait to fall asleep so that we can meet in our dreams my darling…

4 / You will find in this SMS a big and warm hug ready to use! Good night, sleep tight honey!

5 / You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever known: smart, attractive, fun, caring, and loving… I am really happy and more than lucky to be with you my love ❤Have a good night!

6 / Good night sweetheart, before going to bed, I challenge you to find the sweet little words that I concealed all over your apartment! Be careful not to go to bed too late though…😉

7 / I hope you will have less trouble than me falling asleep; I feel so alone in my bed. I miss your presence, your look, your skin, and your kisses.

8 / Just before you go to bed, I’m sending you this little gift. | ❤ Warrant for kisses and a sweet hug ❤| Make good use of it my love😉

9 / I wish I could fall asleep by hugging you… It is in those moments that I feel the best! Make beautiful dreams my dear!

10 / Before you fell asleep, I wanted to thank you for everything. I wanted to thank you for being you. You are the personification of my happiness, so rest well, because I want you to take care of yourself!😉

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