Good night quotes: the 30 most beautiful quotes

Sending the person in your mind a good night message is a nice little loving touch that always pleases. The little SMS to say goodnight my love before plunging into sleep is sometimes even a ritual for couples who live their relationship from a distance. However, it can be difficult to be original and to reinvent yourself when you want to say goodnight. To inspire you, to accompany your messages, to give them a touch of poetry, romanticism, or pretty words from literature, here are special good night quotes, the 30 most beautiful quotes on this theme to accompany your love messages.

Good night quotes: the 30 most beautiful quotes

The beauty of the night

“I like the night. Without the darkness, we would never see the stars. » Stéphanie Meyer

“It is high time to rekindle the stars. » Guillaume Apollinaire

“However long a winter night is, the sun always follows it. »Tuareg proverb

“When we go to the end of the night we meet another dawn. » Georges Bernanos

“It is at night that it is beautiful to believe in the light. »  Edmond Rostand

“Beautiful nights are sunny days!” »Eugène Scribe

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Good night quotes: in dreamland

“Where does the night go, the dream goes. »  Russian proverb

“I will let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours. » Bob Dylan

“At night we imagine what we want and everything seems possible. In broad daylight, the imagination pales. At night we see things that do not exist and we believe in them. » Robert Choquette

10 “A dream without stars is a forgotten dream. » Paul Eluard

11 “The night is never complete. There is always since I say it, since I affirm it, at the end of my sorrow, an open window, a lighted window. » Paul Eluard

12 “And keep your dreams. You can never know when you will need it. » Carlos Ruiz Zafón

13 “O sweet sleep, O happy night! pleasant rest full of tranquility, continue my dream every night. ”  Louise Labé

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Good night quotes: 17 more beautiful quotes

Sleep with the loved one

14 “Every evening, I regret the night that will pass without you, and every morning, I want the sun to shine like today when you are not in my arms. ” Victor Hugo

15 “I have never dreamed at night, my only dream is to be awake by your side …” Alain Tastet

16 “When the sweet night, like a sweet lover, Advances step by step, at the fall of the day, Advances in the sky, tender, timid and slow, All happy with a mad love. “ Jules Verne

17 “Cloudless dream love of my life, dreams are the heirlooms of the night. » Charles Trenet

18 “Sleep is even more perfect when you share it with a loved one. » David Herbert Lawrence

19 “I would like to go to sleep as I advance in love: with the impossibility of coming back, burning all my singing vessels to the last. » Jacqueline Kelen

20 “There are many loves that begin with dreams and end with sleep. » Jean Sarment

21 “Life is sleep, love is its dream, and you will have lived if you have loved. »  Alfred de Musset 

22 “In my sleepless nights, in my days without rest, seeing you or hoping for you, soften my ailments. »  Jacques Delille

23 “It’s so good to mix your sleep with that of another warm, confident body: you wake up nourished. »  Simone de Beauvoir

24 “Where we love each other, it never gets dark. » African proverb

25 “The night seems short in pleasure, vigils seem long in solitude. » Chinese proverb

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Good night quotes to accompany a restful sleep  

26 “Sleep is just that wonderful on earth! »  Paul Brulat

27 “There is only a complete night’s sleep to have peace. » Paul Léautaud 

28 “Sleep has passed the sponge on my sadness yesterday, my heartache is gone. » Henri-Frédéric Amiel

29 “The sleep of the eyes is only half-sleep if we do not have the sleep of the heart. » Adolphe d’Houdetot 

30 “The sleeping fairy is the mother of the spirit, the restorative and the comforter of daily ills”  Henri-Frédéric Amiel 

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