Good night my heart: 25 text messages of love and good night

Want to wish a good night to your darling, with whom you cannot sleep tonight. You miss him or her, you are cold, you think about her or him, you cannot find sleep far from the other … Sharing a few words by messages when the distance separates is always good before you can find the other. This allows you to fall asleep, calm, with a smile on your face. To send her a nice “good night my heart”, here are 25 love and good night texts to inspire you.

Good night my heart: 25 text messages of love and good night

1. Tonight, all the stars in the sky are shining a little brighter because I think of you before I fall asleep. Take a good look, before you sink into sweet dreams.

2.  Hope you have sweet dreams. For my part, I will think of you until the moment when my eyelids will close. Then, most definitely dreaming about you for the rest of the night.

3. Good night, sweetheart. May your night be as sweet as my love for you.

4.  Tonight will be a little sad since for the first time in a long time you will not be in my arms. I fear insomnia without you …

5.  It’s getting late and my eyelids are getting heavy. But I couldn’t fall asleep until I texted you to tell you that I think of you very much and to wish you a good night.

6.  Sweetheart, here is a little love message to say goodnight to you. I love you and I miss you.

7.  Good night, the object of my dreams, the object of my love. Love of my life, love of my nights. I love you.

8.  Sweet dreams. Sleep well my one and only love. We meet again quickly.

9. My bed is so empty without you! The sheets are cold, the second pillow is bored and I can’t get warm …

10.  The day is over and the night has come, but you are not here… Make way for dreams now. I will surely meet you there, at least I hope so.

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11.  I would love to be there to watch you fall asleep. Tell you that I love you and that I miss you. Otherwise, I am writing it to you …

12.  The stars shine so bright tonight that they give me a romantic soul. I am sending you this little message to wish you the sweetest and most serene night in my heart.

13.  I wish you a beautiful night my darling, dream of me especially and we will debrief tomorrow if you want! I’m kissing you strongly.

14.  It is said that dreams are the literature of sleep. So you are my favorite book. And you are even the main character!

15.  The night is sometimes so long, when you are not there. I turn and turn in my bed until the sandman wants to come and sprinkle my eyelids …

16.  I think of you, I miss you, I kiss you, I want to sleep with you… All this at the same time, does it suit you ?!

17.  Tonight, I can’t wait to go to bed. Do you know why? To be able to dream of you and imagine your kisses and your caresses. Good night my Love.

18. I know how trying your day has been. So I wish you a restful night filled with romantic dreams, I kiss you hard.

19.  The moon is as bright and shining tonight as my love for you is deep. Good night my Love!

20.  When I close my eyes before falling asleep, I see your face, your gaze, and your smile. Here are three excellent reasons to have a good night’s sleep. I wish you a very nice one too.

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21.  Close your eyes. Let yourself go. Think of us. And let sleep win you over. Have a sweet night my little heart.

22.  On the evenings I sleep away from you, I’m sad that I can’t lie down next to you and snuggle up in your arms. I miss you, good night.

23.  Your look, your smell, your warmth, your smile, your kisses, your hugs, absolutely everything about you I miss tonight. I can’t wait for you to be there. Good night I love you.

24.  Do you smell that romantic scent? Love is in the air tonight, so take a deep breath and let yourself be rocked to sleep. Sleep well, my adored heart.

25.  What to wish you for a beautiful and sweet night, apart from dreaming of me, of us, of our love and especially of our reunion? See you soon my love, I’m thinking of you.

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