20 SMS to say hello my angel

Texting is the easiest way to send a thought to someone you love. For small everyday occasions, such as wishing him a good day or a good night. But also love SMS to say sweet words to him or make him a pretty statement. There are no bad occasions, there are only beautiful little loving attention . And say hello to your loved one is one of those little gestures that do good. Looking for inspiration to say hello to my angel in a little morning message? Here are 20 SMS to say hello my angel, it’s up to you to be inspired!

20 SMS to say hello my angel

# 1 The morning dew, the song of the little birds and the sun which rises with its rays which pass through the curtains… Everything is there to wish you good morning my angel, and I join in with very soft kisses.

# 2 Hello my angel! Just a quick text to let you know that I’m thinking of you and that I can’t wait to see you again tonight. 

# 3 I send you a little kiss and a big hug or the other way around, it’s up to you with this little hello morning message! See you soon my darling!

# 4 When I think of you, my heart says yes and as you see it in the morning, I think of you. Hello, my little angel!

# 5 Hello to the most beautiful woman on Earth with whom I have the chance to share the most beautiful love story!

Nice messages for the day

# 6 It’s barely 7 a.m., the alarm clock has just sounded. Who do I think of directly? To you, who surely still sleeps there but who still makes my heartbeat here. Hello, love of my life!

# 7 Hello to you, my beloved angel. May your day be sweet. I think about you hard and I kiss you just as much.

# 8 The sun is out this morning to accompany my little morning hello text for you. And love is there too, just for you. Kisses my angel.

# 9 Good morning and have a nice and pleasant day. Tenderly I kiss you and madly I love you.

# 10 When your eyelids slowly open and your eyes see the light of day, I want to be the first to say hello!

10 other SMS to say hello my angel

# 11 Hello my love, my angel, my princess, my darling, my heart, my sweetie! Everything suits you but I leave you free to choose the little sweet word you prefer!

# 12 I’m a magic kiss, I walked all over town to come and lay on your lips and say hello. Have a very good day.

# 13 When the sun rises and I wake up, my first thoughts are on you and just you. Hello, my angel!

# 14 May this day be sweet, pleasant, and positive for you! And may she give you a little respite to think of me as I think of you. Good morning my love!

# 15 A new day that gives me the joy of being able to say hello to you and the happiness of knowing that I will find you soon.

A little hello when you wake up

# 16 Hello to you angel of my dreams and love of my life. Did you sleep well? I wish you a nice day and kiss you very hard.

# 17 With this little message, I want to say hello and send you lots of positive vibes so that you have the best of days. Know that I think of you very strongly.

# 18 A little hello for my big love, a little message for a big thought, but full of love that I send you until I finally have the happiness of kissing you and spending time with you.

# 19 Hello my angel! Tick ​​tock! I’m counting the hours that still keep me away from you. While waiting to finally be able to find you, I will sprinkle your day with little messages such as the little thumb with its pebbles, so that this day passes very quickly. So this is only the first of the day! A thousand kisses!

# 20 A new little hello full of love! Like children, I count the sleep that separate me, not from Santa Claus, but from you! One more night passed, more than a few before we finally found us. Fortunately, our messages make us wait. I’m kissing you strongly.

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