10 sexy SMS

  • I am in the process of buying a new set of lingerie: I hesitate between lace and silk. What do you prefer ? A beautiful dominatrix or a sensual seductress?
  • I am in the midst of desire  : I want to buy myself a (vibrant) lipstick … I will teach you to put on lipstick my way🙂
    • I really want you, to touch you, to kiss you then to lower my mouth lower… Even lower. I want to do you good, give you everything I have, do whatever you want, make you happy.
  • I can’t wait for you to make love to me! I want to be in your arms, wrapped around you. I want to kiss you until my lips burn you. I want to feel your hands moving over my body, my buttocks, my breasts… I want to feel you inside me. I love you
  • Love is like a disease: we catch it in the street, we treat it in bed. I think I have a big naughty bronchitis, are you coming to treat me?
  • Good night my love, I’m going to dream of your body. I dream of touching you, of caressing you with my hands… my tongue… I’m hot, I want you, I am yours and your desires.
  • “I’m missing a part of you, just a part of you” (Lola)
  • “I’m at work right now it’s very hot especially since I have the image of your way of moving in me… And that makes me shiver. “(Moira)
  • “I’m alone under my duvet, I’m cold, do you have an idea to warm me up ??? “(Addie)
  •  I want you too much my heart, my whole body wants you. Come, come right away, I want to feel your breath on my neck, breathe your body, taste your lips. I want to be in your arms so that we can only do one night. Alone in this big empty bed, I think only of you: the smell of the sheets taunts me, it reminds me how much I miss you and how much I want you. I love you .

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