Tinder: a spark, fast, QUICK!

In English, tinder is the material that allows a fire to start. This effective metaphor gave its name to the famous smartphone app. The spark is what is supposed to happen when you like someone’s profile and that person likes yours in return. I say “supposed” …

“I take you or I throw you”. It’s cruel, it’s fun, that’s the concept of Tinder. Easy to use, the app quickly becomes addictive. The Facebook profile photos scroll and each time, it’s all one or the other: a heart = I like you, across = Next! Very playful. Well sheltered behind his screen, the user ends up taking himself for the jury of a beauty contest. Because Tinder is primarily based on appearances. And we are not going to lie to each other … it serves! No need to start chatting with Thomas if the day you meet you realize that he’s 47 (not 25), drooling and lustful.

Obviously, there are always clever kids who only put group photos or their cat. Does that intrigue you? Like and chat. Does that sound suspicious to you? Zap.

The profiles that scroll on your smartphone are defined by simple and effective criteria that you can configure yourself. Choose the age and distance between you and the people you want to get to know. And there, oh divine miracle, it’s a slew of beautiful kids invading your field of vision. And this is not ironic! First of all, having tested the app myself, I was amazed at the number of young men spoiled by nature that was offered to me. There was this:

“Arnaud, 28, interests in common: Partying and Oasis Be Fruit. Yupi.

And especially a lot of that:

Do you recognize him? But yes, it’s this young, handsome Parisian, clean on himself but a little hipster, with style, what.

In short, once you have launched your faith, you are on the verge of rediscovering your faith. So many beautiful young single men would make even the most skeptical dream come true. Only, it’s a safe bet that Tinder generates the most popular profiles in the first place to make the new kids salivate.

A few crosses and hearts later, we quickly find ourselves faced with this:

And then you say to yourself “My God, why does he have to live so close?” »No more embarrassment of choice, you will have to hunt down the man in your life with more perseverance.

When your little reconnaissance tour is over, the first “matches” point to the tip of their noses. In other words, we answer you. Among those who have found favor with your eyes, some, in turn, give you a liking. A lot even. At this precise moment, Tinder begins an intensive ego-boosting work; you feel yourself growing wings:

An ego that immediately plummets when you realize after discussion that most guys online accept all likes to better test the waters. And as with all poorly supervised dating sites, it is not uncommon for private conversations to start with a “Hey, you’re hot!” “. And again, in the softer cases. We must not lie to each other, on Tinder, many are looking for a one-night stand. And some obviously do not have the right tactics to achieve their ends.

In short, Tinder does not do magic but it allows you to choose your targets easily and thanks to basic information: photos, age, Facebook interests, and geolocation. No frills. That concrete, or almost. The best part is that the app is made to follow your moods. Fed up with this guy who has no conversation? One-click and it is blocked. Tired of seeing the sausages named Vader, Gouzigouzi, or even Your Father? We zap, we zap tirelessly with a simple movement of the finger. A game of seduction without the fuss that easily becomes embedded in everyday life. And who knows, the spark may be really at the end of the road if you have the patience to go through the profiles.

And you? Have you ever tested Tinder?

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