The thoughts all girls have before a date

A first date is always exciting… but also very stressful! For men, as for women! Gentlemen, do not think that they are immune to existential headaches! Have you always dreamed of having the power of Mel Gibson in ”  What Women Want  “?

To know what can be on the minds of girls before a first date? Today we’re helping you by showing you the thoughts all girls have before a date:

I hope he doesn’t see that damn button !!!

Yes because often, ON THE DAY of the appointment, the mister button points the tip of his nose and it is very very annoying! So we try as best we can to hide it under a layer of foundation. “I would put myself in the right profile”

1. Now that I have stalked him thoroughly, I will have to pretend not to know his entire life by heart …

Yes because, let’s face it, women (just like men for that matter) like to go search all of Google-Facebook and other Instagram before going on a date. They know who they are going to deal with and avoid disappointment as much as possible (or at least hopefully). Except that, it is necessary to make an illusion to discover everything during the first meeting! So, when Brian says he loves Kinder Bueno, or that his favorite director is none other than Dolan, you will have to be surprised “ah ouiiii? “😀

2. Obviously, I have nothing to wear!

Because women may have 40 dresses, 30 pairs of jeans, 25 sweaters, 50 pairs of shoes, they always feel like they have nothing to wear! Express fitting, the whole wardrobe goes there before a first date!

3. If it rains… I’m going crazy!

Smooth hair, perfect makeup, if it’s raining everything is screwed up! xD

4. Should I arrive early? Right on time? Just a little late?

THE question everyone is asking! In fact, it’s always good to arrive on time! You are not going to be “wanted” by arriving late, you are just going to sound like a rude girl!

5. Shall I wax or not? You never know, but at the same time… laziness… What to do?

Unfortunately, manners have changed, hair removal, especially for women, is often a necessary step (yes because still, too many men are cruel in this regard!). Am I going to go to his house afterward? Are we gonna crack it up? Are there two who want velvet legs and hairless skin ??? Arrrghhhh

6. What am I going to eat so as not to show myself?

It sounds so silly but it is so true! And again, men often ask themselves this question too! Well, no spaghetti otherwise I’ll have a hard time… No burger because I never know how to eat them… Go for fries!

7. What am I going to drink so that I don’t roll under the table or appear stuck?

If I start with a Vodka, I go straight to it, if I take a Strawberry Diabolo he’ll think I’m not fun, if I… AArrgghhh A Chardonnay, please!

8. If he invites me for a drink at home, do I accept or not?

The fateful question! Are we going to sleep together tonight? Well, we will discuss this again after the first hour of the meeting😉

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