The best examples of catchphrases on a dating site

Not easy to send the first message to a woman on a dating site! In this article, I will particularly address men. Why? Because I am aware that it is still up to you today to do most of the work. The reason is simple: women are over-solicited on dating sites! Even without a photo, even without a description, women will ALWAYS receive hundreds of messages every day. But the good news is that most of these posts are… void! Here we will see the best examples of catchphrases on a dating site.😉

Messages on dating sites:

Male vs Female

As I said, women are over-solicited, they don’t need to do anything to be harassed! But the good news for you, they don’t like it at all! Like being approached 4 times in an hour in the street with ”  hey mademoiselle you’re charming “, receiving 50 messages a day based on “hello, how are you? Is clearly not going to prompt the answer!

Sir, who is reading me, if you are a nice, courteous, and interesting man, you have nothing to worry about. If women don’t answer you, it’s just because you haven’t come up with a good catchphrase yet! But women are happy to respond to those who take the trouble to write a message with SENTENCES, good spelling, and genuine interest.

If you can’t get messages and dates on dating sites, my method is for you!

The wrong catchphrases for the first message on a dating site

Before I give you the best catchphrases to use on a dating site, I’ll reveal the worst 😉I had written it a few years ago now, on many websites to find the pearls of ”  balls of the web “.

By “bad catchphrases”, I mean vulgar messages, “hello it”, messages that do not encourage response, messages that only speak of the physical …

How to write a good catchphrase on a dating site?

The question

What you must already tell yourself is that if your sentence does not call for an answer, then there will be no answer! And yes, sending a message on a dating site is a bit like doing telephone prospecting. If you are a salesperson, approach a customer, and your phone call ends with “  I’m sending you the brochure  ” you can be sure you won’t sell anything. On the other hand, if you say ”  I am sending you the brochure and will call you back within the week to find out what you think. Tuesday at 11 am are you okay? “, There, you will have news!

Obviously, the principle is not exactly the same but the question is essential!

What type of question? For the first message, don’t go too fast! We do not ask to go for a drink or to meet from the first message. On the other hand, you can opt for a little funny question (to finish your message). For example: ”  And if not, at breakfast, you’re more croissant or cereal  “? You can also bounce back by asking him a question related to the information you found on his profile. Example: ”  Nice your tattoo, I hesitate to get one but I’m cozy, you recommend it anyway? “.

Bounce on a profile

I realize that not all women fill out their profiles. But if they do, take the time to read it and reflect on the information it brings up.


Sorry for the crappy comparisons, but I was going to say “it’s kind of like a cover letter”. If you send 150 similar cover letters to unrelated businesses, then you’re unlikely to find a job.

When you speak to a woman, remember that she is unique and that she would like you to notice it a little more! So make the effort to personalize each of your messages to the person you are “in front of”.

Examples of the best first posts for a dating site

If you have any info on what she likes in the movies

”  I looked for some information before coming to discuss with you … And I admit not having found much … But I still have the impression of having a rather” special “girl … Let me explain, don’t sulk! But a girl who likes Tim Burton films, the Guillermo Del Toros (which I adore by the way) or films like Requiem for a dream… You must have a little (big?) Grain of madness… That I would like to develop… So maybe to the pleasure 🙂 ”

Why does it work?

We see that the guy took the time to go through the profile, that he didn’t just come to compliment the physique… That everyone does and that everyone receives! In terms of adjectives, the word “special” is awesome! It flatters the ego much more than “charming” or “pretty”!

If the girl has a profile in detached mode “me dating sites, you know, average but I’m there anyway”

“Hello, you! You look a bit like the very detached girl in your profile. Aren’t you a … Hipster? (Hostilities are open) “

Why does it work?

The famous “I want to get on your nerves” technique works very well. We want to answer if only to justify ourselves in a certain way😀

If you can’t get messages and dates on dating sites, my method is for you!

If there is nothing at all on his profile

“  I admit that I liked your photo and that’s what caught my attention in the first place. But I have to admit that I got frustrated when I didn’t see anything to read on your profile. So, as I know absolutely nothing about you, I said to myself that I had to start at the beginning: Do you like currant pies? ” 

Why does it work?

The message is well written, respectful, light, and funny. We want to answer the crazy question and learn more about the character!

If you want to play the humor card to the fullest

“[First name] I dreamed about you all night, how can you be so present to my heart? “

Why does it work?

This catchphrase will work if the chick has a high second-degree sense and she’s got a lot of humor, too.

Hope you get some inspiration after reading this article! Here, I am talking about dating sites (like Meetic, Adopte…), the approach is still different when it comes to dating applications like Happn or Tinder.

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