Profile template for a dating site

We see more and more dating sitesfor dating applications, but you do not always know what to write. Too lover, too much inside, too concise, too humorous, too serious … So I have concocted a template for your profile! I hope you enjoy it! (I was inspired by some pretty cool profiles on dating sites and made a mic-mac).

Profile template for a dating site

After 27 years of development in our Parisian laboratories, I am happy to present to you myself, the perfect, multi-functional, and state-of-the-art guy! Lovingly tested and approved.

I am asked to describe myself but after all who am I? Do we know who we are? Am I who I think I am? Hmm … Anyway, I’m boring!

Take a cinema and Almodovar movies, add humor, spontaneity, and a dash of romance, mix it all with good humor and a glass of red wine, sprinkle with tenderness and affection, and go out. me from your mold! Then?

Otherwise, I don’t really like the cold, let alone the rain. With me, you will not dance under the fleet! So I’m looking for a little warmth to spend the cold days and why not happy days (yes, I am also a poet). Unique model with multiple functions, I am half-Parisian (class), half-Picard (less class).

If you can’t get messages and dates on dating sites, my method is for you!

I don’t care if women have pear, melon, apple, or banana breasts. I don’t attach any importance to waking breath; whether it is an aphrodisiac or onion. I don’t mind your nose and would love it even if it is worthy of Cyrano, even more, if it could win the top prize in a carrot contest!

On the other hand, there is one thing that I cannot stand, one thing that I will never forgive you …

This is not to like fries.

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