How to choose a man on a dating site?

Today the Internet is very present in our lives, social networks have changed the codes when it comes to flirting. How to choose a man on the Internet? Here are some tips so you don’t go wrong.

Not to be on all dating sites

Free sites attract a lot of people, but often there are a lot of guys who don’t want serious relationships. If you are looking for the man of your life I advise you to register on one of the serious dating sites or apps!

Photo too much and poorly written profile

A profile photo where you don’t see a face hides something and it is better not to dwell on that profile. A poorly worded ad with spelling mistakes and a common tone may also not appeal to you. If you are not convinced there is no point in forcing things. Take your time and keep surfing the site. Besides, you too must have a   well-written and original dating profile. 😉

Become friends

You probably don’t need friends, you already have plenty! However, not all love stories start with love at first sight, so why not let go and maybe meet a great friend who will have some friends to introduce you to (you know what I mean?)!😉

Don’t give out your number right away

Make him wait. And then giving your number isn’t going to help… You are going to lock yourself into a relationship more through a screen. Which is strongly discouraged and which brings us to the last point.

Don’t go on forever in the virtual world

It is undoubtedly the least easy step, the fear of being disappointed, that in the end, he does not look like the photos, that he does not have as much chat as he does in writing … So many questions that push you to stay in the virtual rather than taking a step in reality. Tell yourself that if he doesn’t please you, you won’t have to see him again. So there is little risk in the end, if not that of a good surprise, so get started!

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