How long to wait after a first date?

You met Pierre via Tinder. You went to sip a little mango diabolo cocktail, discussed, laughed, you looked each other in the eyes… And then bang, something happened! The problem is that now – ten minutes after this first meeting – you ask yourself the fateful question: ”  I send him a message  “?

I have asked a number of people for their opinion on the matter. Because we are not going to lie to each other, knowing if we call back or not, if we wait for a sign of life before giving one after a first date, these are questions that EVERYBODY asks!

How long to wait after a first date?

My answer :

It all depends on the meeting itself. How did it go? Did you have a crush? Did you feel the reciprocity? (…) If you felt a real feeling (you had a laugh all evening, you noticed the seductive looks, the desire was palpable…) then no need to wait ten thousand years! You can easily send a short SMS when returning from an appointment like ”  I still have a smile😉 “. If the feeling was mutual, your “date” (I hate that word but I hate the word “date” even more) will be happy to receive this message.

On the other hand, if you have really hooked up with him but you are not sure what he thought of the date, then abstain for at least two days. If in two days he hasn’t given any sign of life, you can opt for a funny little message: » I wanted you to send me a message first but as you didn’t, said I wasn’t going to wait all my lifeYes, I philosophize a lot with myself. Do we do it again this week or do I draw a line on your face? : p  “

You can also wait two or three days (max) to see if he sends you one. If not, give it a try, you have nothing to lose, everything to gain!

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What they think:

Théo, 34 years old: “  If a girl sends me a message just after a date, that makes me too happy. Women often wait for us to send this first message and I personally am not very comfortable. So if she takes the lead I can only appreciate “.

Yoann, 27 years old: “  If it’s a girl with whom it went really well and that I had the feeling, I’ll love her even more if she sends me a message. Afterward, if I haven’t really fallen in love with the person, the message will perhaps make me a little uncomfortable. “

Laura, 26 years old:  “ I admit that this is a question I often ask myself Ahah. I always wait a day or two before sending a message. Afterward, if I didn’t like the guy too much and didn’t send me anything, so much the better!  “

Camille, 29 years old: “  I find that we ask ourselves too many questions. I’m going free if the guy hits me in the eye! I don’t see what the point of waiting is. I tell myself that if he liked me, he will be happy to read a message from me. And if not, well I will be fixed and I will not make films!  “

Quentin, 26 years old: “  I always wait for a little. I like to leave a little suspense. Well, that doesn’t always work (laughs). “

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