First Tinder message: 10 examples of first Tinder messages

Here are 10 examples to help you with your first tinder messages:

1 / The first Tinder message What the F ** k?

Do you know why the flamingos are pink? 

The idea is to ask a completely wacky question that the other person doesn’t expect. If she has a bit of humor, she’ll answer you with a smile!

2 / The first name! Well yes, the first name!


An approach that some are already familiar with and which works very well. Very easy: you write his first name followed by an exclamation point. Thus, the young lady is surprised, especially since the exclamation sounds like a reprimand or a big surprise🙂

3 / The existential question

If you were to die at midnight, what would you do at 11:45 p.m?

Ask him an existential question that will make him think, even on a completely bogus subject! The goal is always to surprise.

4 / The first Tinder message: the message that makes people react

Stop, I’m shy!

This message catches my attention because it reverses the trend! The guy takes the first step but says shy. To test!

5 / The guy who has no idea

Hey [Firstname], I looked for a cool catchphrase, and then I couldn’t find one. Can you help me find one?😀

Here again, you will reverse the trend! While being super honest haha

6 / The franchise

Dear [Firstname], given that apart from two pictures of you, I don’t know anything about you, I tell myself that we had better stop getting to know each other and go get some peach syrup!

It is true that on Tinder there is not a lot of information most of the time, try everything for the whole by offering him a drink in an original way. 🙂

7 / The provoc ‘Gillette

(If you notice she has cute fat cheeks).

Look, I fell for you. Well, rather on your two little cheeks. If I tell you that you remind me of a little hamster, are you going to find me weird? 

Another quirky and fun approach that should make her smile. Unless you run into a susceptible hysteric, but suddenly you don’t care: p

8 / The first message that gets straight to the point

Are you doing a few things tonight? 

At your peril 😉

9 / The killer detail in the photo

Take a detail on his photo and get started.

Examples: “Your little dog looks cute, what’s the breed?” »/« Beautiful sunset! Where it was? “

10 / The best first Tinder message

(This message is a paraphrase of a message that a friend to send to a favorite on Tinder and that I found extra !!).

Surprised to see that a girl as bright as you happens to be a heart to take, I went a little crazy. So I wanted to put a “super like” to stand out from the crowd and then I abstained, telling myself that of the “super likes” you should receive 50 per hour. So I’ll just tell you what you give off: You’re lovely, but that, once you know, two, we have to tell you all the time and three, a lot of girls are here. What differentiates you from them is the charisma and this sensitivity that emanate from your photos.

I am aware that I must be for you a guy among many others, that I am neither the most beautiful, nor the smartest, nor the strongest but today I wanted to be the one who took his courage in both hands by sending you an endless message hoping to attract your attention and get to know you better. Looking forward to reading from you.

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