Examples of first post for a girl on a dating site

Writing the first message for a girl on a dating site is not necessarily easy. It’s about showing your interest, making a good impression, distinguishing yourself from other invitations, and all without sounding incorrect, out of place, heavy, boring, and boring…. In short, enough to put (legitimately) well the pressure !! 

The trick is to find common ground and use it to start the conversation. Forget the physical, focus on the 100% personality. Indeed, don’t make that rookie mistake of praising your physical appearance. All the guys do and are sure she’s received tons of similar messages before, with a few variations.

Asking her about her interests, complimenting her in a subtle way, will be a breath of fresh air for her. And you will immediately stand out from the crowd!

Message templates

1 / “Hello, it seems that we have a common taste for adventure. So tell me: if you were to win an all-expenses paid trip by an agency, where would you like to go? “

2 / “Hi! You seem like an interesting person, so I thought I was going to send you a message. Have you ever read the Game of Thrones collection of books? Since you seem to enjoy the series, you might only find them awesome, they complement it really well! And if not, what type of series are you particularly interested in? “

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3 / “You seem a little eccentric, which I always appreciate in a woman. Normality is too overestimated these days! So tell me; if, on the way to meet you for the first time, I came face to face with your group of friends and asked them what to expect… what would they say? “

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4 / “While I was distractedly hovering over the profiles, yours called out to me, I stopped and I started to read it. I would like to know more about you, so tell me: if you were stuck for an hour in an elevator with someone famous, who would you like it to be, and why? (It’s a real question: D) “

5 / “I was challenged by the mischievous gleam in your eyes, and I was wondering: what is the worst crime that you have committed?

A. International espionage

B. Having “borrowed” candy from the grocery store

C. Having broken the 5-second rule

D. ________________________? “

6 / “Hello, is this Pork Tenderloin with Zucchini recipe yours, or did you find it somewhere on the internet?” I love to cook and am always on the lookout for new recipes! “

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7 / »Hello! I noticed that you liked Miss K and Mesparrow, and this is the first time that I meet someone on this site who shares the same musical tastes as me! Did you happen to have attended Mesparrow’s concert last January in Paris? For my part I was there; it was really electrifying! “

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