Apps to find love: top 10

Technology is on the side of singles to help us find love, so here are the top 10 best apps to maybe find the man in your life.

Tinder: the most complete

The use is simple, you register with your Facebook account (nothing is published) or with your email address, and let’s go! You enter your criteria, age, location and Tinder makes a selection of nearby men.

You like the boy, you swipe to the left, he doesn’t like you swipe to the right, then all you have to do is wait for a match and you can start the conversation or wait for the lucky one to come to you.

Happn: a meeting in the street, a possibility to find him

The application allows you to find the man who made you crack in the street but whom you did not dare to accost. On the same principle as Tinder, we register with our Facebook account or our email address and we like the people we have met or not.

Meetic: the most recommended dating service for singles.

Someone is going to love your imperfections, what more could you ask for? It is undoubtedly the most famous dating application, which conveys a serious and lasting imageAnd above all, Meetic organizes events between singles to cut a little with his screen, what is there better?

With the “Shuffle” mode of the application, the search for love becomes even simpler, you can choose to like the profile presented or to go to the next one as you wish. You will be able to meet people in Paris but not only.

Playme: association of culture and meetings

The principle is to answer a mini-quiz of five questions timed in three rounds. Once you have answered the questions, the opponent answers them in turn. Once you have tested the IQ of your opponent and possibly future buddy well, you can start a conversation. To register, just log in with your Facebook account or your email address.

Metro Finder: Have you ever seen a handsome guy or a hot girl in the subway?

MetroFinder is the new, innovative and intelligent application that will allow you to meet people… in the Metro! No more overnight ad sites, or applications based on geolocation, often approximate, you will now be able to optimize your time and brighten up your daily journeys, by making acquaintances now.

Ice breaker: a personalized quiz to put the odds in our favor.

Very attractive concept, you approach the man you like with three personality tests that everyone is free to choose (vision of life as a couple, personality, lifestyle, convictions…). These tests make it possible to see if you are on the same wavelength and to cover a lot more topics than with a ”  Hi, how are you?” What do you do for a living ? “. No connection via Facebook for this application in addition it works even offline when you are in the metro!

Once: the match, you have to earn it

This application offers a match every 24 hours, this makes it more difficult and longer especially the meeting of the perfect man in your eyes. Registration is also done with his Facebook account or email address.

Attractive World: for demanding singles

An application that is instinctive does not need great explanations to understand how it works. However there is a selection at the beginning, obviously, there is not just anyone on the network of this application, a guarantee of quality and a relationship of trust established between the application and the users (but hey, that’s fine. what, like we love each other according to our job !?)

Registration is done via his email address.

Elite Rencontre: meetings that meet your expectations

To access this application, you must first complete the personality test to meet serious singles in your area. Then you have to create your profile with the help of your Facebook account which will allow you to upload the photos already online. You can interact with your suitors every day and also continue to meet others.

Adopt a guy: totally free for us girls

The offbeat communication of this application, which was originally a site, is its originality. Here it is the women who have the power !! The men are obliged to pay to be able to send us charms and we are free to exchange with them, to put one in our basket or not.

Badoo: dating, chat, boost your social life

Badoo allows you to see the people around us, but also those we have met in our everyday life. But I do not recommend this App full of Spam and weirdos!

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