An app to find love based on what you hate!

We all know the dating apps to find love. 🙂 We’ve all tried our luck on one of them. Meetic, Badoo or Tinder. But sometimes we come across unpleasant surprises. Usually, you enter your interests, your tastes, and the type of profile you are looking for. But this is no longer an obligation. There is  Hater. It’s an app to find love based on what you hate!

You love or hate!

Hateful, the word is out! it is the new application “Hater” which has just been released. Its founder Brendan Alper wanted to change mores.  The principle of this application is simple and quite effective. She focuses on what you hate the most in your life! Because what you hate is also part of you;). Sometimes it’s not what we like, but we know what we hate! This app is therefore great for that!

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To use the application, nothing could be simpler. You are asked a series of questions. Politics, sport, cooking, family, friends…. You have to slide your finger on the right side of your smartphone if you like and on the left side if you hate! Thanks to your answers, the application selects your future meetings for you 😉<3

Meet people who hate the same things as you

We talk too often about what we like, and not enough about what we don’t like. And this is completely normal! After all, you don’t want to scare away from your “likely” date on the first message.

In a different concept from other dating apps, this app allows you to meet people who hate the same things as you and therefore are likely to match you. You don’t like carrots or even long romantic walks? That’s good for him either! This app is actually a way to be completely honest🙂

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