Writing a good profile on a dating site: the rules to follow

When you register on a dating site today, it’s like doing an administrative process for some people, it has become so commonplace. In a few clicks, it’s done. And yet, it’s proven that a good profile changes everything in attracting attention and making people want to know you. Yes but then what is a good profile? How to do it? Write a good profile on a dating site: here are the rules to follow to optimize your chances of making THE meeting!

Writing a good profile on a dating site: the rules to follow

# 1 Fill in your profile

The advice may seem silly as it is logical and yet it is useful to remember it. Why? Because still, too many people registered on dating sites are content to put photos or fill in the only mandatory information, often age or place of residence for example. But for the rest, it’s a total vacuum. These profiles are unlikely to attract attention. They create disinterest and distrust, labeled as fake profiles – the famous fake – or as a person who is part of boredom or just to have fun.

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# 2 choose the right photos

If they are not sufficient on their own, however, we will not lie to each other, a profile without a photo is guaranteed failure. Moreover, on some sites, it is mandatory. Registering on a dating site is playing the game of virtual dating, otherwise, there is no point in registering. Your photos are a bit like your business card, your showcase, it’s the first image you give of yourself.

Here are a few tips :

Make a good first impression

For a good first impression, choose photos that look like you and make you stand out. No excessive filters and retouching, blurry photos, with sunglasses, vulgarity. Be natural, smile if possible, and put photos that show what style you have and who you are.

What photos to put?

Upload several photos of yourself. Start by putting a portrait photo of yourself alone so that your face can be seen clearly. Then add a photo of you on one level for that one way how you hold yourself, your silhouette. Finally, you can add 1 or 2 photos of yourself doing something you like (sport, cooking, music…) The ideal is to have a minimum of 3 photos and a maximum of 5!

Do not put pictures of quotes or landscapes, it is YOU we want to see, not the royalty-free photos from Google or a panel from Pinterest!

You don’t have to have a perfect body or a perfectly smooth face to get attention. Each person has their own criteria, crippling or not, but you won’t be the problem. A matter of taste, you have to accept the game!

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# 3 Your description / presentation text

Here is advice on both content and form to help you write an attractive and truly personal profile.

How to write a good profile on a dating site?

On Form

Don’t write a novel

It’s not about writing your autobiography or rocking your CV. A piece of advice, therefore: suggest instead of showing, guess instead of revealing everything. In short, to pique curiosity by distilling information about oneself, but without overdoing it. Dosage and subtlety are the keywords.

Avoid spelling mistakes to write a good profile on a dating site

If you are unable to align two words without making a mistake, make an effort and proofread yourself, or activate the automatic corrector. We all make mistakes, but there are limits …

Stay yourself

Stop copying / pasting messages written by others that have turned worse than spam. Above all, be natural. Write really as you would in another context with your words, your expressions, your tone. Keep your own style. Now is the time to show that you are real. Don’t try to adopt someone else’s style just because you liked the way they wrote their profile because it wouldn’t be you.

On the background

Be frank

On what you like, what you want, what you are looking for. The point is to know who you are… So be honest. If you have kids or are recently divorced, don’t try to hide it. Also, don’t try to lie about your physical appearance or your age. However, it is not necessary to reveal your every secret on your profile, just be true in what you reveal.

Personalize your presentation

Do not hesitate to add a touch of humor to make your profile entertaining and not indigestible reading. And forget the banalities of the style:  “I love sport and cinema”  that everyone writes. The goal is to make people want, to be more precise by citing the sport practiced, authors read, countries visited, films seen for example. Talk about what you like, say as much as you can about what makes you tick, that’s what others want to see to know whether or not you are likely to interest them!

Avoid endless lists of criteria

You are looking for a person, not a car or an apartment. If there are things that are prohibitive for you, you can write them down, but don’t write your research like a shopping list. It would give you a very bad image. Dating sites already have enough “catalogs” like that …

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# 4 Update your information regularly to write a good profile on a dating site

Not many people know this but when you update your profile most dating sites show you to more people. Also, if you’ve been a subscriber for a long time (and yes, it does happen and the point of this article is to help you avoid it!) Updating your profile regularly ensures that people who are interested in you, are interested in the current “you”.

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# 5 Describe the person you are looking for

The person who discovers your profile must be able to say to himself, upon reading it, that he or she could correspond to you. When describing the perfect person for you, say what you are looking for in someone in a respectful and realistic way. Don’t be too demanding, bring up the things/qualities/values ​​that are most important to you and explain the relationship you would like to have.

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# 6 have a positive profile

Forget the misconception that dating sites are made for old maids or hardened singles, the depressed or “social cases.” As in real life, there are all kinds of profiles on dating sites, so there are good and bad surprises. However, the goal for you is to create a positive image of who you are. To send good waves, to make you want to meet you. Write positively, avoid negative turns in your sentences, for example, do not be aggressive or judgmental in your words, avoid clichés, and value judgments. Thus, you will appear as a person who is pleasant to spend time with and get to know.

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