When is my ex gonna be back? Tips to find out

During a romantic separation, it is common for one of the two partners not to want the relationship to end. Following the breakup, feelings are then increased tenfold and we have only one desire, to win back the other or at least hope that it will return. When is my ex gonna be back? We don’t want to give our ex the possibility of really becoming one and therefore of moving away from us. Why? Because we are afraid that his feelings will disappear and that he will find someone else. We hope and sometimes we even strongly believe that our ex will come back. The question is when? When is my ex gonna be back?

When is my ex gonna be back?

You have to keep in mind that it is the behavior and actions that push or not the one you love to want to get closer. This is how it is possible to speed up the process of regaining love.

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Take the time to analyze the situation

Indeed, this is not a bogus test in a psycho or feminine magazine or the examples of boyfriends or girlfriends who are safe values. No one can know better for you what will happen to your romantic future.

First and foremost, you need to keep your emotions in check. The separation is recent, so you are bound to be in shock but it is too early to recover it. Before you ask yourself when asking yourself what your ex expects from you instead?

From the reflection phase to the action phase

A romantic reconquest is quite possible, a story can very well resume and an ex return. What must be kept in mind is that no one can know how long this reconquest will last. A few days, weeks or months?

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Only you know if it’s worth fighting:

By doing it right, you can change the situation and see the lights go green. There is no point in persisting in vain, but if your feelings are still there, only you can know if this love affair is worth fighting for.

In this case, do not listen to anyone other than yourself, your entourage will not necessarily understand you, will tell you that it is useless, or worse, will judge you. You need positive vibes. So if you are convinced that this is the right person for you, follow through whatever happens at least you will have no regrets.

Signs to help you know when your ex is coming back

# 1 your ex keeps talking to you often

You have good close contacts and on his or her initiative, he or she takes news regularly. Take the opportunity to recreate the bond between you.

# 2 When is my ex gonna be back? When your ex wants to see you

He or she is not satisfied with messages or calls. He or she wants to see you again, to share time with you. He probably misses you too. This is a good indicator to see that you are moving from thought to action and things are picking up speed.

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# 3 When is my ex gonna be back? There is jealousy in the air

He or she is jealous. If having a fit of jealousy does not necessarily mean that you are still in love with your ex, it is still not trivial. If this is repeated often, coupled with a desire to come back into your life, that he or she is worried about your dating and knowing if you have “replaced” him, it is because he or she always has something for you.

# 4 nostalgia for your story

He or she talks about your past with nostalgia, there is no more anger or resentment, just memories and regrets. If having a conversation with her ex about her former couple isn’t a 100% sign of an imminent return, it’s still a good indicator that romantic recovery is possible.

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When is my ex gonna be back?

1 / Dose between patience and haste

It is not while waiting without doing anything that this will happen, but it is not by forcing his hand either. As we said previously, you have to know how to dose and go slowly.

Between the phases of reflection and action, there is a perfect time to start winning back your ex. If you do it too soon, you won’t be believable enough and your ex won’t believe that you have changed. This factor is essential in order not to reproduce the same pattern which would again lead your relationship to failure.

Don’t go too late either :

Conversely, if you do it too late, it may be in vain because your ex will have moved on, will have forgotten or replaced you.

The perfect time?

However, the ideal moment is obviously difficult to give because it is specific to each couple and each person according to the history and the reasons for the breakup. For some, it will be very fast, for others it will take time.

To know when your ex is going to come back if it’s the right time to get him back, you need to know how to do it and be patient. The reflection phase is important before acting.

2 / Where are you with your ex?

Analyze the situation: what are the contacts you again, how it happens, how it behaves with you .. . All these clues will help you choose the right strategy for this romantic reconquest.

 Indeed, to know if and when he will return, you have to be aware of the situation and the relationship you have had since your breakup.

Analyze his behavior towards you:

His behavior towards you will help you know if a reconciliation is possible and a possible return. Above all, you should not put blinders on yourself and believe it if he refuses to talk to you or to see you if for him things are clear and definitively over.

 There has to be good communication and rebirth in order to be able to believe in it. Remember that during a romantic reconquest, you have to take a step back because the questions and methods that seem the most logical are not the right ones.

In conclusion :

 To know when he or she is going to come back, rather than just focusing on his or her ex, thinking about yourself is important. Knowing why we got there, what we have to change in ourselves, what we want to change especially, why we want it back … Depending on that and therefore the reason for the breakup, you will know if you have to be patient, act quickly or, on the contrary, turn the page definitively.

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