What messages to send to a girl to get acquainted

Today we meet more and more people on the internet. This means that the naturalness, unfortunately, loses more and more space, because you have to appear at the top behind your keyboard. It is possible to please a girl as long as you make an effort to send out interesting and impactful messages. In this article, we will analyze what messages to send to a girl to get acquainted.

1. We abandon the “boat” messages

Far too many people will write “Hi, how are you?” “,” Nice to meet you, I’m Ben “,” hello “…. As much to say it frankly: no interest! I don’t even understand why a girl (or a guy for that matter) would take the time to reply to these kinds of messages. I know it’s hard to break the ice and start a conversation, but still, a little effort please! What messages to send to a girl to get acquainted? Everything except unimportant boat messages that do not make you want to respond.

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2. What messages to send to a girl to get to know each other? Bouncing off her profile

The first question to ask yourself is, “What kind of message would I like to receive? “. You just have to do the same! Ideally, you will analyze the profile of your future contender in detail in order to find the right angle of approach. You have to be original because you won’t be the first to write him a message like this. You can analyze the photo and realize that she has a cat and bounce back from the love of animals. You might have read that she loves rock when you yourself play in a band.

It’s an analysis of the similarities that will bring you to the fore.

Find a match between her profile and yours so that the lady feels the real urge to answer you.

Some examples :

  • I see you like cats. … I also have a kitty at home that keeps me warm on winter evenings. What is yours called?
  • Do you love the rock !? Imagine that I have been playing in a band for years! Which singer do you like?

As you can see, you bounce off his profile and ask him a question. Know that it is imperative to ask a question at the end of a message because this will not only make the person want to answer it. But also, it will help him! Because, if you have trouble writing your first message, know that the person who must answer it is in the same boat as you! To ask him a question is to give him a loss!


All too often, I find that the first messages are: “  what are you looking for  “. A significant number of people are on the sites to have a good time without entering into a serious relationship. I strongly advise against asking these kinds of questions, as it automatically blocks the conversation. You have to let nature take over and ask this kind of question after taking the time to get to know a little.

3. What messages to send to a girl to get acquainted with? I suggest an appointment

The most important thing is to be able to offer the person date. To do this, I suggest that you speak for a few days and then propose to speak on WhatsApp because that makes you enter the more “private” sphere. You will be able to propose a meeting in order to continue the discussions you have.

I recommend 3 types of messages:

  • We’ve been talking for a while, I’d love to continue over coffee, what do you think?
  • You told me about a bar that you liked, I would like to invite you there so that we can spend an evening face to face. What do you say?🙂
  • I wish I could see you because our writings make me want to get to know each other in real life, do you agree? Never rush things, but offer in all kindness. Even though it is 2020, women generally like it to be men who take the initiative to suggest a date.

4. I maintain the link after the meeting

The famous message after a date is always a little stressful. We wonder when to send it and how to formulate it. I advise you not to take the lead because if your date is successful, the message will be too. You’re just going to have to send a message that makes her want to see you again.

Some examples of messages to send after a first meeting:

  • Great evening yesterday! I had a good time with you. I would love to see you again… And you?🙂
  • I loved our conversations and our giggles, it’s been so long since I had felt so good…. Do we put that back?
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, it was just awesome! I still want to talk to you about 1001 things! Can not wait to see you.

At this point, you are bound to have feedback if your evening went well. The only rule to respect is to wait for a response from him before backfilling. Maintain the same pace as her so as not to give the impression of already being addicted, you have time!

5. I finalize to get into the relationship

Basically, you were reading this article to find out what messages to send to a woman to get to know each other. Well, if you get to this step it’s because you have done a “faultless”! Congratulation! At this point, you exchange several times a day and you have seen each other several times. You want to start a relationship with your beautiful and you no longer worry about the content and the rhythm of the messages.

At this level, you know his address or where he works, so INNOVATE!

Say goodbye to messages and hello taking action: send him flowers! Surprise her, make her dream! Send a courier to his work to give him a little note which gives him an appointment tonight in a great restaurant …

Well done!

Messages are super important these days because it is the number 1 medium of communication! We must therefore do it intelligently to reach our interlocutor. Now you know what messages to send a girl to get acquainted with. You have even gone to the stage of forming a couple! Life is good for two.

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