Top 10 revenge to avoid on your ex


Getting revenge on your ex? Ok but not just any old way!

Everyone has their own opinion on revenge, but I have come to bring you some common Machiavellian ideas that should however be avoided, if only for you:

1) Disseminate compromising photos of him

You can get in serious trouble with the law. Your ex might be an asshole, but he’s still a human being who has image rights.

2) break things in your apartment

Very bad idea to break into somewhere: he can also appeal to justice.

3) sleeping with your best friend

Because at first the best friend didn’t ask for anything and sleeping for revenge is not good for you. No?

4) tell things to those around them

Because even if it is true and even if it revolts, it is you who would risk passing for “the scales” and that things will not necessarily turn to your advantage. If certain truths burn your tongue, try rather make them understood quietly, in roundabout ways, rather than screaming in the middle of a meal with mutual friends.

5) harass him to break up his new relationship

You can always try to pass yourself off as your ex’s secret mistress, chances are his new girlfriend won’t be fooled. In addition, harassment is not always very well seen by the law …

6) harass his family

Not only will her family not stand up for you (or if it has to happen, it will happen naturally) but she could also complain to the courts. Then his family is not responsible for his behavior. Even if you don’t like them.

7) Create a fake profile to seduce him then pose him a bunny

“Jean-Jean, 23, the model would like to add you to his list of Facebook friends.” Ok first Jean Jean stinks of fake then you don’t accept strangers. It is very likely that this is also the case of your ex who could only find suspicious this sudden request of “Cindy, 20 years old, top model”, 0 mutual friends.

8) burn your stuff

Chance of setting fire to more than his stuff: 90%. The probability that the evening will end at the station because you don’t burn a bunch of clothes like that, in a park: 100%.

9) false hope texts

No, sending him “baby I miss you” then “ah it was for my new boy” has never been credible. Never from home, so we avoid.

10) In general, anything that requires significant financial resources or a set-up that lasts for weeks

If you want revenge, do it without spending too much time and money because of 1 you are not sure it will work, 2 you will lose way too much when you could just be quietly killing yourself. rebuild and use your time and money wisely, to make yourself happy without bothering you rotting your ex.

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