SMS to suggest a meeting: 15 examples

You met him in the evening or you have been talking together for some time on a dating site or social networksShe gave you her phone number so it’s time to put it to good use. The goal? Send him an SMS to suggest a date.

15 examples of SMS to suggest a date

Indeed, it is not a good idea to extend a virtual link too long. You might idealize that person or they might get bored and move on. The best is therefore to confront the virtual with reality, to confirm your first impression. You don’t get an idea of ​​a person in a few minutes in a party or by photos interposed. So things have gone on long enough, it’s time to take the plunge. Otherwise, what is the point of maintaining a virtual link?

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It is an exercise that can seem tricky to send an SMS for a first date. Afraid of being heavy, missing the point, of losing yourself in banalities? Here are 15 examples of SMS to suggest an appointment to help you. The classic “How would you like to go for a coffee / a drink?” “ Can sometimes go very well, but if you can show a little originality and customize your message, it’s even better!

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# 1 Maybe it’s time to meet, what do you think? We talked for a long time and you aroused my curiosity. So what do you say about a date with me?

# 2 Hello how are you? Thanks for your number! As you know, texting isn’t really my cup of tea. So what would you say to see each other for a coffee or a walk? Do you have time this weekend?

# 3 Come on, I’m going! It is said that in life, you should not let yourself be eaten up by your fears or have any regrets. So if we saw each other, say Friday night? Are you available for a walk on the quays and a drink?

# 4 Good evening, I think it’s about time we met. What do you think? A date Tuesday night, that could be nice, right?

# 5 Hello, are you okay? Well, you know me a little now, enough to say yes if I say to you “Wednesday night.” Having dinner. Be on time! 😉” Yes ?!

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10 other examples of SMS to suggest a date

# 6 I looked around but couldn’t find a valid excuse to go out for a drink tonight, except to see you finally. And then at worst, we say to ourselves that it’s probably someone’s birthday, somewhere, right now, so we should celebrate! Leaving?

# 7 Hey, how are you? Well, I admit everything, for me, it’s a bad day at work. What if we pretend that Monday is actually a Friday and we’re going for a drink tonight? Are you up for getting me out of here ?!

# 8 Do you know what it is? Our meeting for next Sunday. Shall we meet there at 1 p.m.? »(Put a photo like that of a huge brunch, a picnic basket, places for an exhibition, a park, the front of a cafe, etc.).

# 9 Speaking of chocolate, I know a great pastry chef not far from home. You absolutely have to taste his chocolate pie, it’s his specialty!  Shall we meet on Saturday afternoon, say around 4 p.m.? (pop-up message by bouncing off a subject you are talking about, a common taste be it culinary, cinematographic, artistic … to share a moment around a dish, a film, an exhibition or a museum, etc…).

# 10 Saturday afternoon I’m going to see a friend and he lives in your neighborhood/corner/town. Suddenly, I tell myself that this is the perfect opportunity to see each other at last. You are available?

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Last 5 examples of messages for a meeting

# 11 I have a question for you; you absolutely have to help me! There’s a super cute girl I met last Saturday night (obviously, you’re talking about her!) And had a great time with. Do you think I should offer her a date or is it too early?

# 12 Hello, how are you? Please note, you will only be able to answer the following question by using smileys! Here is the question: How about coming for a drink with me on Friday night? Rather a wine bar, cocktails, or gourmet coffee?

# 13 You know what? I feel like you are a great girl and I would love to check it out! And for that, what could be better than getting to know yourself better? How about having a drink on Wednesday night?

# 14 I can’t take any more work today, zero motivation! It is thanks to your messages that I did not fall asleep, I assure you! To thank you, I will invite you around a board and glass. Are you available around 7 p.m.?

# 15 Do you know what words come to mind when I think of you, thanks to our shared confidences? To find out, I’ll meet you at the bar we talked about. Tomorrow, 9 p.m.?

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