Should I get back together with my ex?

After a breakup, it is not impossible to want to get back together with your ex-boyfriend. The feelings are coming back or are never gone… Or, simply, the loneliness is unbearable for you.

In short, nothing can make you come back to your ex (a song, a movie, a person in the street, his new girlfriend …)


Some would say that you NEVER GET BACK WITH AN EX.

“Getting back together with an ex is like swallowing your vomit…” they will say…  I think it’s just essential to check some aspects before getting back into the dance (the battle?)   😉


Am I ready?

After a breakup, we cry… TOO MUCH. We blame it. We don’t go out, stay in our pajamas or we go out… (Again: TOO MUCH!)

After having broken up we feel feelings and we act in an extreme way. Being in a relationship with a person implies habits and a certain attachment that is difficult to get rid of; no need to deny it.

Then comes the lack, the melancholy, and the spleen in love. This is when you are most likely to return with your Chouchou! But be careful… During this phase, you are not objective. We must therefore let it pass.

Because, when we come to an agreement, it is better to be with someone because we love them, than because we feel alone and weak.

After the “But I’m all alone now … boo” phase, you will be able to know whether in all objectivity you sincerely love him or if you are in love with the moments spent with him.

Questions to ask yourself:

Have you taken a step back from this relationship? Did you mourn it? What am I missing: him or the memories?


”  In fact, why are we no longer together?” “

It would be a shame to get back together with your boyfriend without having taken the time to think about your relationship. You need a minimum of one month to think it over. Because if you and your lover have come to break it is that there was a reason… A problem and this one cannot be solved in a day.

In a relationship, whether intimate, friendly, or professional, the wrongs are always shared. It is therefore important to recognize them in order to be able to move forward.


Will history repeat itself?

After determining the problem (s). It must be objectively judged whether they are likely to recur.

Example: The distance has separated you. She made you suffer … Even giving you a second chance, making an effort. Mademoiselle distance still exists and may still hurt you.

If the relationship can only work if one of the protagonists CHANGES inherent personality traits: The relationship is doomed to failure anyway.
Why? Because

  • “Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop!” “
  • After adolescence, it is VERY if not impossible to change a person’s personality.
  • Wanting to change a character trait is also to deny the uniqueness of a person. 
  • When we really love we are supposed to love the good and the bad.


” And him ? “

A romantic relationship is lived in two. This is why it is important either to have the opinion of your ex or to have analyzed his behavior.

Questions to ask yourself:

Does he want to make an effort? Has he taken a step back from our old relationship? Does he recognize his share of wrong?


What do those around you think?

No one knows better than you two how your relationship was going. However, those around you have seen you live in this relationship on a daily basis. And that’s not anything… Having an outside opinion, and therefore more objective is always a plus.

Ask those around you for their opinion on the situation. Then you and you alone will have sufficient weapons to decide.

Good luck, Girl Power 😉!

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