Sample message to suggest a face-to-face meeting on a dating site

You met through a dating site. In the beginning, the exchanges were superficial and courteous. Today, you wait for the time when he/she will connect to discuss longer, debate more intensely. You seem to have things in common and really want to meet him/her, in real life. Here is an example of a message to propose a meeting face to face on a dating site.

Questions to ask yourself when writing your message:

    • How long have you been chatting through the screen?
    • For what reasons do you now want to meet him/her in person? To find out more? Because you like your virtual conversations and what do you want to have them face to face?
    • How do you imagine it? Sensitive? Tease? Smiling? Timid? Funny? (…)
    • What is the difference for you between seeing him/her physically and virtually? Want to hear his voice? See him/her for real? Do you like human contact? Tired of virtual relationships? (…)
  • When and where do you want to find him/her?

Sample message to suggest a face-to-face meeting on a dating site

Dear (first name),

We have been chatting behind a screen for a few days now. You must have made yourself a certain image of me in terms of my interests, our exchanges, and my photo. I admit to having done the same on my side. I like discussing with you, debating, and discovering different aspects of your personality. You seem like a beautiful person and we have a lot in common. Today, the desire is very strong to meet you. Meet you in person. I want to put a voice, a gesture on your face.

I imagine you sensitive and a bit teasing, I imagine you smiling but maybe a little shy. I am trying to make images of you in reality with the information I have but it is possible that I am wrong!

I am not someone who usually takes the lead but I sincerely want to see who is behind this computer. I want to hear you tell me your jokes rather than read them, want to see you smile rather than see a smiley on the screen, want to learn more about you, quite simply.

If you feel like it too, I suggest that we see each other next Wednesday, I’ll let you decide the place!

I wish you a good evening.

(Your first name)

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