Romantic separation: Women VS Men

Breakup: Women VS Men

That’s it, it’s over with Jack. Your tears have become real stones to get out of your stomach, they crash violently on the ground. You are bad, you have never felt so bad, so empty. You are in pain, you are struggling to breathe, you tell yourself that you will never get out of it. Know that a breakup is often compared to the death of a loved one. Indeed, it is about the spiritual death of the man with whom you planned your future. Future that will have to be rebuilt alone. Plans that will have to be changed. Projects that are no longer feasible. The expression “at the bottom of the chasm” takes on its full meaning today. Your daily life in front of your mirror has gone to this:

Know one thing, men don’t have the same cycle as we do when it comes to breaking up. Here is a small diagram did manually, with, on the left, the number of ml of tears sheds per day:

Typical post-rupture female pattern:

Step 1: I’m too bad. Too bad. Wrong. Wrong. Maaaaal. I love it. What a bastard, what he did to me !! Why do I like her like that? We have to get back together, he’s the man of my life. Shit!

Step 2 (a few days or even weeks later): Ok, pull yourself together. Agree to go out with your friends. Okaayy finally it’s not so bad to be celibate she was hot this evening with girls and then little Adrien there… He was not bad. Even better than my ex? In short, I’m drunk, I have to go to bed.

Step 3 (called “the day after the evening”): Aaaahhh I miss him too much. I have a headache. If he was there, he would take care of me, he would pamper me. I would smell his scent, he would take me against him, we would make love. Shit. Shit and fix! Don’t text. Don’t text. Born. Not. Send. From. TEXTO !!!

Step 4 (After a few months): Yeah Sophie, are we going to have a restaurant? Cool. No after I have a date with Paul. Yeah, my colleague, 😉I bought a new dress it’s MA-GNI-FAYQUE! See you later!

Typical male post-rupture pattern:

Step 1: Ohhh yeeaaahh! Guys, I’m free! All the days, all the nights. No more accountability! Shall we have some beers? Are we going to watch football? Shall we go out after? I’m hot here, I’m farting the bottle.

Step 2: I can’t take it any more guys, I’m a lover, I sand whatever moves, they all want me since I was single. Looks like there is a sign on my forehead, I have never loved my life so much !! Shall we do this again tomorrow?

Step 3 (An evening when the friends are not free): I feel stupid in my bed all alone. And the other hottie who keeps harassing me there … I had 8 in two weeks, record. Yeah, record but in the end, it was just gymnastics. Love without feeling is not phew. I miss Laura. What did I do?

Step 4: All my friends are in a relationship. In fact, Laura was not boring when I see my friends’ friends… I miss her so much. His smell, his loud laugh, his crazy eyes, his heart-shaped mouth, his feet all cold against mine, his hair that still smells of shampoo, his birthmark in the hollow of his hip… What a jerk. What a con …

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