Romantic separation: The stages of a romantic breakup

To better cope with a breakup that can be fraught with sadness and anger, there are steps to take. You have to accept the grief in order to be able to “heal.” Here are 5 steps you might go through. But don’t worry, we all do it! You will get up and be stronger! Love separation: here are all the steps.

Step 1: The shock

You think of a joke, you stay on your couch, your eyes riveted on your phone, desperately waiting for a sign from him with the angels 8 in the background on the TV or another very enriching program…
It’s normal, you need to the time to understand what happens to you, it falls on you like that, suddenly, without necessarily warning. So take the time to absorb all the information and go to step 2.

Step 2: you manage on your own

Before you used to do activities in pairs, you shared the tasks: he did the cooking, he repaired the plumbing, took care of the bills while you were busy shopping, organizing weekends … Now you are alone and I tell you: you are able to do everything he did on your own, even if it is not easy. You can call your best friend to go on the movie night with your ex like every Wednesday.
Be careful, however, not to withdraw into yourself. Yep, you have to keep an eye on the future.

Step 3: your rebirth

The saying “after the rain comes the good weather” is true in this situation. Your ex’s thoughts are behind you, you’ve made the decision to move on! If you feel the need to change it’s normal, a new plant, a new pair of shoes, dresses, or a new hairstyle, go ahead it’s time to feel good about yourself and more attractive than ever. This step is important for the future.

Step 4: the slip party

You want to make up for lost time and enjoy your life. It’s time to please yourself and seduce! You can decide to have lovers for a night, with a real desire to please. We are not in a hurry to rebuild a relationship too quickly. Make him wait, give yourself the image of the elusive girl (ok that’s not very nice but it works).
Before pleasing others, remember that you must be pleasing yourself.

Step 5: love is near

You’re looking for your perfect guy again! You have to accept to live from day to day without taking your head and without thinking about the future (in any case you never know what the future holds…). Be careful not to get attached too quickly, take the time to find out before you launch yourself body and soul into this new relationship.
You remain in control, until the moment you feel that yes it is the right one (at least for a good time), the future will show you the rest of your relationship. So enjoy !!

All of these stages can take longer or shorter depending on each person. Take the time you need, what matters above all is you and no one else, it is important that you be a little selfish at first, to find yourself and leave a future place in your heart. In the meantime, be strong and don’t hesitate to talk about it around you. Or even here, in the comments.

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