Relativizing after a breakup: a story of lists

breakup hurts but it’s not the end of the world. On the contrary. It’s a new life that begins. Here are some lists to make to help you put things into perspective:

List the worst things that could happen to you

To avoid being drowned in your thoughts, make a humorous list of the style:

– Losing your cat

– Wake up in the life of Eve Angeli

– Running out of toilet paper when it’s already too late and it’s just you in the house

Some might say it’s not the smartest thing to do, but if you put that same list on your fridge or, why not, your bathroom door, there’s a good chance it will. cheers, you up.

List the best things that can happen to you

Think about what you can do now that he’s gone, or what other men have to offer you.

– Have parties to go home with your friends

– Adopt an axolotl

 (or just a dwarf rabbit, it’s more classic)

– Meet an artist who will draw you nude, like in Titanic.

Like the previous one, if this list is made with humor you can hang it in a strategic corner of the house to give yourself courage.

List your faults

It’s nasty, but it works. Your ex was, like everyone else, full of flaws. Try to put your finger on these details that annoyed you and that you will not regret such as for example:

– His hairs protruding from his left nostril

– His inability to prepare any cooked meal

– His political ideas (you find it hard to imagine that we can govern a country by hunting, fishing, and respecting traditions)

If you have a desire for revenge you can write this list on a computer, print it, and drop it anonymously in the mailbox of the ex-love of your life.

List your assets

Stop devaluing yourself. It is time to open your eyes and realize what appeals to you about yourself, whether it is physical, moral, or other qualities.

– You have a pair of buttocks to make the whole neighborhood drool with envy.

– You had 17/20 in philosophy at the bac

– You are trustworthy, your friends can confide in you without fear

Think back to this last list every day, for as long as it takes to healIt will remind you of your worth and teach you to love yourself.

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