No answer on dating sites: why?

Registered on a dating site, you pass the first step, that of reciprocal interest between your profile and that of a girl you like (by a match/charm / etc. Depending on the site), but then, it does not NOTHING is happening anymore! After having had the option to message her, this girl does not reply to you! Why, what are you doing wrong or not doing? No response on dating sites, why? Is there one or more reasons?

No answer on dating sites: why?

Here are the top reasons why female (and male) users of dating sites and apps don’t always respond to messages.

Indeed, this is an issue that users of dating apps experience across all platforms. You make contact, but you don’t get a response.

What could be the reasons for this?

Your profile pictures

It may seem trivial, but it is clear that poorly chosen photos could cost you conversations.

Take care of them, they are your presentation window. Choose the ones that enhance you but don’t overdo it. Selfies with filters, no thanks. Ah and it seems obvious, but put pictures of yourself! Not your handsome cousin, a model, or whatever. There are too many fake profiles on the sites. If you really want to meet a woman, play the game!

Be natural, smile, and put photos that show what style you have and who you are. You don’t have to have the perfect body or be a super hunk to get attention. Each woman will have her own criteria, crippling or not, but you won’t be the problem.

Your presentation

Be frank, concise and don’t hesitate to add a touch of humor to make your profile an entertaining read! But above all, be natural. Stop copying / pasting messages written by others that have turned worse than spam.

And avoid endless lists of criteria. Are you looking for a woman or a car ?! To wish to meet the perfect woman (for the record, she does not exist), you would already have to be close to perfection yourself.

Presentation is what gives the first impression to women. Yes, the photo is important, but so is what you write. And if you’re unable to line up two words without making a mistake, make an effort and proofread yourself, or turn on the automatic corrector.

The content of your first message

A bad message is a reason why 30% of women and 16% of men do not respond. What characterizes a “bad message”?

You don’t have to write a poem and overdo it about why you like it. And conversely, do not give him your full CV with a cover letter right off the bat.

Don’t settle for a poor “  hi  ” (worse, “  hello, bar or cc  !”) Obviously, but stay in touch. Friendly, respectful, funny, with an opening for an answer. And drop in a few details or a question, but no more, that shows that indeed, you have really read his profile.

Here is a list of reasons why women do not reply to a message:

  • Too many spelling mistakes.
  • Just say “Hi / Are you okay? / Hey, what’s up?” “, It’s not worth it. It doesn’t show any real motivation to really get to know each other.
  • A “Hello my beautiful! / Hello darling!” Is moved.
  • Worse, the tendentious compliments on the physique like “I like your shapes / luscious women / pretty cleavage”.
  • The wrong combination of message and profile: if the message is just “Hi” and the profile is empty or not engaging, there will be no response.

Women are therefore less likely to respond to messages that indicate low conversational effort (one-word responses), and to openings that emphasize appearance.


Don’t rush your first post. Take the time to think about an engaging opening. If she plays sports in one of her photos, for example, be bold and ask her when you can join her.

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Such an approach requires more creativity, but the chances of getting an answer are much higher. And that’s the point, right?

No answer on dating sites: why?

A bad profile

Unfortunately, you just might have come across a profile of women to avoid and there are a lot of them on dating sites. It is not only men who use this means of meeting as a game, a pastime to overcome boredom, a fun. And false profiles, fake, exist for both sexes, as for people in a relationship, etc …

She may never respond if she comes as a dilettante, or she will do so to cheat boredom without really wanting to get to know each other. Untrustworthy women on the sites, there are some, it is often enough only to take the time to look at their profile. If it is empty, that there is only one photo or, on the contrary, only bimbo type photos, with filters, it is a bad indicator and it is better to drop it.

No response on dating sites due to competition

Finally, there is another reason why a woman does not reply to a message on a dating site. This reason is “competition”. In other words, the fact that they are talking to another man who has already started the conversation and who is likely to interest him.

It’s a disappointment, but it happens. This is the “game” of dating sites, the famous “profile catalogs” and you can’t help it. It doesn’t mean that you won’t grab any woman’s attention, just that you aren’t the only man listed. Hence the importance of managing your profile well, to make it attractive so that a woman wants to dig with you.

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