My ex regrets leaving: 7 signs

After a breakup, some people decide to cut off contact with their ex, especially in the early days after separation. What is called the famous radio silence? However, this is not a fixed situation. It is not uncommon for one of the two partners to doubt, feel a lack, or even remorse. Regrets set in, so do doubts. We often ask ourselves the same questions. Does my ex regret leave? How to know? Will he come back? Does he want to? Are there any telltale signs? Here are 7 signs that my ex regrets leaving.

7 signs that my ex regrets leaving

Does your ex still love you? Does he regret having left? Did you make a mistake in separating? Does your story deserve a second chance? To find out, here are the signs your ex regrets leaving. The signs that do not deceive and that will let you know where you really are.

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# 1 My ex wants to see me

If your ex asks to see you again and you are not the one asking, then there is a good chance that he is considering the option of getting back into a relationship with you. After a breakup, while you can have good contacts and get along well with your ex, it is not common to want to see each other regularly. If he asks, it may be that he has regrets. He, therefore, wants to spend moments with you, to get closer again to recreate a bond. Maybe he has trouble declaring himself directly.

It’s positive

This is therefore positive unless it is only for the purpose of having carnal relations with you. In this case, take your distance, it means that he just wants to play with you, to keep an option on you but without retrying a real relationship. Become sex friends while you were in a relationship? Very bad idea.

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# 2 He longes for the past relationship

He talks about your common past, your memories, your good times. Is the contact still present between you and it is imbued with nostalgia? Longing is often a sign of love. When we talk about the past again, when we refer to moments spent together and when we only remember the positive, it is a way of saying “I want to find you”.


Be careful, however, to be sure that it is not just memories and that the feelings are indeed still there. If that little something persists then it may be worth digging into to see if a new relationship is possible.

# 3 He expresses his regret for breaking up

If your ex complains about your separation, realizes it isn’t the best decision, and goes back on it, then that’s a sign that he’s sorry. He may not talk to you directly about it but go through mutual friends or a back door message to make you understand his regrets and his wish to find you. It’s up to you to see how you want to react following this. Wait until he really declares himself or talks to him about it?

# 4 Contact is maintained by all means

While you’ve broken up, it’s like he’s still a part of your life. Messages in the morning, calls, comments on social networks; in short, it remains omnipresent in your life. Even if the rupture is consumed, the link is maintained. He has trouble detaching, it is a sign that he does not want to move on.

He shows you that he cares about you:

Indeed, this shows that your exchanges are important in his eyes, that there is no resentment but on the contrary still complicity. It’s up to you to see if it is only memories and a certain nostalgia or if the love is still present. It should not be that he use you just for fear of emotional loneliness or as a crutch to move on.

# 5 My ex is jealous

Jealousy is a common reaction after a breakup. An ex who gives you a fit of jealousy is an ex who is still attached to you. He can’t stand the idea of ​​someone else trying to seduce you and doesn’t envision that you could be in a relationship with anyone other than him. Be careful, however, that this is not an ego reaction, an instinct of “owner” that has nothing to do with a sincere attachment or feelings of love.

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# 6 he’s depressed about the separation

Since your breakup, he’s not the same, he’s depressed. If your breakup affects him, he’s sad, bad about himself, whether you learn it from mutual friends or directly from him, it may be that in the end he regrets your separation. This personal or shared decision to end your relationship seems like a big mistake.

He shares his excuses and regrets with you, he is still attached or in love, he cannot project himself without you. I l is therefore a serious chance of winning back and start from scratch a new relationship.

One of the important signs that my ex regrets leaving

# 7 My ex makes a declaration of love to me

This sign is the most obvious and therefore the easiest to interpret. He’s not just texting you, wanting to see you, being jealous or curious about your life without him, being depressed, being sad. No, he goes further, he makes a declaration of love to you. Does he tell you? Does he send you a beautiful letter of declaration of love?

The most obvious sign!

This is obviously the sign that proves that he still loves you and that he regrets what happened. He doesn’t want to live without you. If he’s not a manipulator and your story was genuine, then his regrets are a strong sign that he actually doesn’t want to leave you, and his statement is proof of love.

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