Monsieurinvite: a dating site like no other!

Monsieurinvite was born from a simple observation

We are Isabelle and Anthony, we met at school, during the BTS in computer science, we have been a couple for 17 years and we have 2 children.

By dint of discussing with single people who are looking for a lasting and serious relationship but who cannot find it, we wanted to bring our stone to the building to finally help them find their soul mate.

Most of our female friends and single friends tell us that they are very disappointed with current dating sites because they find a lot of fake profiles there, too many people looking for a one-night stand, not always polite, or too long virtual chats before. a real meeting… In addition, the too precise aspect of the search for the members annoys them a little (one can look up to the color of the hair, the size, etc…) and the notion of chance and surprise they miss.

Monsieurinvite: a dating site like no other

MonsieurInvite is a 100% original concept that was born in our head: a man posts an invitation on a given date on and the ladies can simply and freely consult the invitations when they wish, without being a member, and suddenly, without being bothered. Thus, if an invitation pleases a young lady, she can contact the man by SMS, telephone or email, the man will agree with only one young lady to carry out the invitation.

What really changes is that you are not going to start a virtual chat room. No, there, a man suggests a first date (an activity that he likes) such as lunch in his favorite restaurant or a ride in a Porsche, an afternoon tree climbing … Thus, the discussion will be fluid, there is no nothing forced and everything is done in “real life”.

MonsieurInvite is completely free for girlsMen have to pay € 3 to post an invitation. This paltry sum compared to other dating sites allows us to moderate the ads in order to keep the quality of the invitations high, and to promote the invitations to the ladies on the internet and in real life.

The invitations are geotagged, so you can find invitations near you.

Examples of first dates

Internet users welcome MonsieurInvite very well, he is new, and the feedback is good! Men have already started playing the game and invitations are already online.

For example, on Saturday evening, Damien invites a young lady to eat in his favorite restaurant, Thierry is expecting a girl to go for brunch on Sunday, Mikou offers to take a young lady to dance during a Latin dance workshop, Eric invites a young lady to take a walk in the city while chatting, Hervé offers a day at the sea with restaurant and Sylvain even offers a weekend in a very beautiful campsite in his mobile home on the Atlantic coast!

As you can see, the goal is to allow singles to see each other in real life quickly in order to share moments together and more if affinity.

We believe that a couple is more likely to stay together for a lifetime if the relationship starts with something they both enjoy doing (a sport, a ride, a destination, a visit, a hobby, a passion. etc…).

MonsieurInvite is straightforward and open to all singles of all ages so if you’re male, looking for a serious relationship, give it a go, post an invite, and if you’re female, come see what gentlemen have to offer. 😉

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