Make your ex regret leaving us

Are you a little (downright) angry that your ex has left you? Do you want to try to make him regret his choice while remaining legal? Follow our article as well as our advice to make your ex regret having left us!

Making your ex regret: what does this mean?

If you want to make your ex regret leaving you, it surely shows that you are having a hard time swallowing the breakup pill. Then above all, you may be angry with him, because he was the one who decided to break up first.

This desire to make him regret reveals the pain and resentment that you feel following this breakup, and that you want to send back to your ex in order to feel better; at least that’s what you think. If we simply translated what you think, we could sum it up in one sentence: “I want to make him suffer as I am suffering now so that he knows the unhappiness he has caused me”. Except that this approach shows on the contrary that you have a hard time living without it. Trying to make your ex jealous, to get revenge,  will only give you a false impression of “happiness” which instead of allowing you to move forward and turn the page as quickly as possible, could waste your time for several weeks, or even months. The best solution, at least the one we offer you, would perhaps be to accept his decision, to refocus your life on yourself, your projects, what makes you happy, and leave the past on the landing.

Then, it may be that you want to make him regret his choice because deep inside you, you have only one desire: the winIf so, trying to make her regret her decision might not be the right idea. If he loved you and he desperately wanted to get into a relationship with you before, it is because he deeply loved the person you were, and make him regret through various techniques such as that of Make him (her) jealous, on the contrarycould affect your ex’s vision of you and reinforce him in his choice to break up.

For some, wanting to regret their ex is proof of immaturity, for others, it is a stage of the breakup that may be necessary to cross the stage of acceptance.

Is it a good idea?

It may seem human to want to make your ex regret having left us … Yet is it a good idea? Is there anything to be learned from this besides frustration or unhappiness? For this to work, he would already have to have regrets… which may not be the case if his decision has been carefully considered and if he has clearly explained to you the reasons for his choice.

If your ex is rather stubborn, slightly egotistical, or very proud, it may also be difficult to make him regret his choice.

It might not be a good idea if you want to get it back …

No one would want to get back into a relationship, with someone who wants to hurt them.

By trying to make him regret his decision, know that you risk scaring him away and getting the opposite result of what you were looking for.

The best thing to get your ex back would be at first, to be honest with him, to make it clear to him that you still have feelings for him and that you want to move forward together by finding a relationship that you all like. the two. Then in a second step, show him that you do not let yourself be defeated, that you are thinking about yourself and your personal projects.

Make your ex regret: What you should definitely not do

Above all, you mustn’t hurt her

You are both already in pain as a result of this breakup, and you each try in your own way to get out of it as best you can … So there is no point in wiggling the knife in the wound or adding a layer, except waste your time and energy!

Above all, you must not behave like a child

It is by respecting yourself and remaining worthy that you can make him regret having left you. If you have fits, tantrums, or behave like a child, your ex will absolutely not want to come back to you and your immature actions will further strengthen his choice!

Don’t do things you might regret afterward

After a breakup, we replay the film of our story on repeat in our head and we may become a little paranoid … The best advice we could give you would be to put your phone aside for a while (if it is possible for you). So you will not jump on your phone with each text message received, hoping it is him and you will not constantly spy on him on social networks!

Another little piece of advice, do not call your ex after a drunken night! The idea might appeal to you and satisfy you at the same time, but the next day you will think about everything you said to him and you might regret it!

Make your ex regret: what you can try to do

Show him that you don’t need him to live

Make your life on your side and show him that you are moving forward and that you are not let down. If you don’t speak to each other anymore, share your new activities on Facebook or another social network.

Get ready with sexy outfits

When you meet him again, put on your best outfits! You will be able to capture his attention and perhaps rekindle the attraction he felt for you!

Hang out with friends

Go out with friends at parties and share photos on Facebook! He will see that you don’t need him for fun and that you don’t stay at home crying every night thinking about him!

Meet new people and surround yourself with male friends he doesn’t know

Thus, it might cast a little doubt on the nature of your relationship with these new people. Are they friends? Lovers? sex-friends? Is one of them your new boyfriend? It could be that there are many questions!

We hope this article has helped you sort through the dos and don’ts of trying to make your ex regret leaving you. Whatever happens with your ex afterward, we hope that you will be doing better and that the gifts of life will cross your path very soon!

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